Happy holidays to all of my local family! I wanted to start off this column by thanking each and every one of you, from fans to promoters, writers to bloggers, deejays to bookers, all for being a part of the Local Radar. Without the support of our communities, this column wouldn’t be possible, and we wouldn’t have the wonderful scene we have today. I also wanted to congratulate all of the nominees and performers from the 2014 Asbury Park Music Awards. 2014 has been a great year all around, on a national and local band level; many things have been accomplished, but don’t stop there! Keep it moving, one day at a time, and we will all do our part to support you! Record, perform, tour, flyer, network, and do all that you have to do to achieve your dreams. 2015 is gearing up to be one of the best years yet, and I want to be a part of it with you! That being said, let’s put another act in the spotlight where they belong, shall we? This week, I want to focus on a solo artist, for it’s been a few months since I have done that. To make it even better, girl power! The spotlight belongs to Sofia Nicole, whom I recently started getting into after noticing she was a performer at the 2014 Asbury Park Music Awards. I instantly became hooked, as she has the look, the talent, and the fanbase.

If you aren’t familiar with Sofia Nicole, don’t fret, she is coming to a town near you slowly but surely! She is an indie pop singer that resides from East Brunswick, New Jersey, one of the up-and-coming local music hubs of our lovely state. Ready to have your minds blown? She’s only 19 years old, and already has quite the resume. According to her Facebook page, she won the Top 18 & Under Vocalist at Jersey Acoustic Music Awards, along with many other honors. When I first discovered her sound, I wanted to see more of what she was about. I was humbled by her biography, stating, “I am just a 19-year-old girl with a voice, a dream, and a lot of drive.” This alone goes to show what kind of work ethic she has; she is ready and willing to put in the time to be where she wants to be in her career, and with that perseverance, nothing will get in her way.

The first track of hers I got really into is called “The Aftermath,” and you can find it on her website. It’s a beautiful ballad with amazing lyrics that really allows you to hear just what beautiful tone she has in her voice. Her sound is upbeat, captivating, and inspirationally amazing. The song is filled with emotions, and although I don’t know the full backstory, I find that she wears her inspirations on her sleeve. This can be very important for her younger fans, which are eager and looking for a role model, not just girls.

Sofia Nicole is a beautiful girl, not that appearance matters, but she definitely has the look with her style. While cruising through her socials, I noticed how interactive she also is with her fans. That combined with talent is the ultimate package. I feel the more and more she writes, the more mature and intimate her style will become. Opening up is important to build a relationship with your fans, and she hits the nail on the head. She appears to be extremely genuine, and it shines through her sound. Judging by the few tracks I have heard, one moment she can be playful, and other times the lyrics are extremely reflective; this provides the perfect balance for the eager listener. Again, I don’t know her from Adam, but I am going to make an assumption strictly because it’s positive; she is 100 percent a realist, and her music has the power to let everyone know that she has flaws just like the rest of us and isn’t afraid to spill her guts out onto a page with a pen and paper. It’s safe to say I am a new and very big fan.

If you want to hop on board and check out Sofia Nicole, you can visit her official website at sofianicolemusic.com. She’s also got a great following on Facebook at facebook.com/sofianicolemusic. Over there you can also find her full tour schedule, music, photos, and more. She may be young in age, but her sound is beyond her years. If you’re into artists like Alanis, Demi, and more, she’s got the pipes to hang with the divas (no, not saying her music sounds like them, just naming a few tones she reminded me of). She also plays a ton of benefits, so check her schedule, support a good cause, and see some great music. I cannot wait to see what Sofia has in store, for I will be first in line to purchase her tunes.

I will be back next week with some more amazing talent, young or old. It’s all about the local scene, one act at a time.

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