With bands constantly emerging from the woodwork, it’s important to make a memorable entrance into the music scene. And with their inimitable debut album, Measures Of Joy, the trio that is Virginia Wing is redefining the music industry’s preconceived genres altogether. This South London threesome cites influences such as This Heat and Cluster, yet they don’t confine themselves to any singular sound. Instead, the album breaks down all genre barriers with an unparalleled and compelling uniqueness.

This incomparable signature sound comes from Virginia Wing’s refusal to conform. The compilation boasts a variety of musical aspects, ranging from psychedelic pop to tech and electronic. Despite a diverse set of musical features, each one is weaved in flawlessly, rather than the easily disjointed mess Measures Of Joy could have been. Pulsing rhythms propel each song, without becoming domineering. Though it is highly experimental, as exemplified in their song “The Body Is A Clear Place,” it is also intoxicating, giving off vibes like you’re on a trippy ride through Wonderland.

Much like their avoidance of conforming to a genre, the vocals manage not to either. Their tendency to vary from melodic spoken word to zealous harmonies is bizarre but poetic. This experimentation extends to the lyrics, which are often thought provoking and anxiety ridden. The track “A Complex Outline” outwardly questions, “Could you recognize life outside?” amidst a drawing and psychedelic nuance of sound. The seamless execution they are able to exact in their stunning debut is electrifying, and if it is an indication of what they’ll continue to produce, then Virginia Wing will steal the music scene.

In A Word: Trippy

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