Hello my local friends and family, nice to have you back again, week by week, to chat local music. There are so many cool events happening in the near future that I hope to see all of you at, including concerts, art shows, fundraisers, and more. ‘Tis the season to be jolly for sure, so get out there and support the local community.

This week, I am going to spotlight a band from Ocean County, New Jersey, that goes by the name of Gravity Well. Ever hear of them? Well, I am a new fan, so I will perform my best efforts to get you on board. After doing some research, I found that this band has a very distinct variety of sounds that may never have been combined in your catalogue. They combine a mix of “rock, punk, grunge, and even metal,” for all of your listening wants and needs. Intrigued? Give them a listen and let’s continue.

Gravity Well consists of Jim Mill on guitars and vocals, Nick Abatemarco on bass, Brian McLaughlin on lead guitar, and John Capo on the drums. Now, the reason this band sounds so tight in sound may be because they have such a strong relationship with one another. Their biography indicated that they have had a long-lasting friendship of over 15 years that led them in the direction of forming their band. Having a relationship first will definitely keep the musical bond going strong.

After searching around, I was only able to really find one track of theirs online, but I liked it so much that I decided to dedicate this article to them anyway. The track in which I experimented is called “Take Away,” and it really gives you a sense of the talent that these guys bring to the table. At times, Jim’s voice reminds me a little bit of Eddie Vedder, with that whisky-soaked tone that almost relaxes you, but can make you rock the hell out at the same time. This track is catchy, and it will get you singing along in no time. The recording quality is strong, and this song could easily be added to your rock fit.

I then proceeded to watch a live video of the track from EJ’s in Seaside, and fell in love with their style even more. Not to take away from their recording quality, but their live set it definitely their selling point. I am looking forward to catching a set, for judging by their schedule, they play around here a lot. They have an undeniable energy that is captured on video, showcasing that they naturally love what they do. Each member tends to feed off one another, really letting you to believe that they are doing this for the most important reason: they love music.

To my surprise, I then found another live video of a track called “Sloppy Joe,” which I became instantly infatuated with. This may be my favorite, if I was forced to pick, which luckily I am not! This track brings a high energy to the table, and it’s a lot heavier for all of you harder folk. It just goes to show that the way they describe their sound is completely accurate; one minute you could turn on a jam while at the beach sipping a cold one, and the next minute you’re out at the bar head-banging and throwing your horns up. Seriously though, doesn’t this blend intrigue you? I know I am not the only one. I honestly think it’s great, as they can catch the attention of various listeners of many styles. One thing you could never say about Gravity Well is that they are “basic” or “another band that sounds the same,” for they are very distinctive, in the best way possible.

If you want to learn more about Gravity Well, you can head on over to their Facebook page at facebook.com/GravityWellNJ. They have shared the stage with some of our favorite local acts like Only Living Boy, The Ocean Heirs, Chris Rockwell, and many more. The more and more they keep playing and combining shows with this very diverse list of acts, the stronger their fanbase is going to become. I think they have a lot of drive and talent, and nothing is stopping them from living their dreams. You can also find these guys on Twitter, YouTube, and all over the internet, so there is no excuse for not checking out their sound!

I will be back next week with another band to throw into the spotlight. In the meantime, keep sending in your music for submissions, or, on the contrary, keep your social media up to date, as that is how I find most of the bands I review! Make a name for yourself; you never know who is watching! Until next week, my friends, keep supporting local music!

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