Overkill: White Devil Armory

Longevity is something to be praised in the music industry. With trends and popular styles of music consistently changing it can be difficult to stay relevant, yet some artists are able to flourish within it. Continuing their long run of 30 years in the music business, well-known thrash metal band Overkill has released their latest album, White Devil Armory. This impressive release marks the New Jersey-grown band’s 17th record.

It is no surprise Overkill’s latest music is systematically aggressive and unrelenting, as past albums, such as The Electric Age (2012), prove their unwavering ability to deliver desired and satisfying tracks. White Devil Armory does just this, while staying true to their authentic heavy metal roots. Jam-packed with heavy riffs and incessant drumbeats, every track is precise and forceful, as any diehard fan would expect from them. Though the album contains some surprises, such as their noteworthy song “Pig,” it features some intricate punk vibes entwined with their classic thrash.

Vocally, each song complements lead singer Bobby “Blitz” Ellsworth’s notable vocal range. His melodic and enticing shrieks are cohesive with the vigorous pace, and give off distinct Overkill undertones that are easily noticeable to any fan. Similarly, the lyrics are hard-hitting and on point, as illustrated in their second track, “Armorist.” Lines like, “Nobody looks so good as with a burst of the fire/Give ‘em what they looking for,” echo the band’s passion and sentiment, reinforcing why they are so drawing. The remarkable ability to continue producing widely anticipated, knockout records that stand the test of time is a feat to be revered.

In A Word: Relentless