The loss of a band member can be not only emotionally taxing, but also a crucial turning point for a band’s future. Following the passing of singer Andrew McDermott, UK progressive metal band, Threshold, have musically recovered with the release of their second studio album since the reemergence of their lead singer, Damian Wilson. Showcasing the best of Wilson’s vocal range, For The Journey illustrates tighter, more concise hooks and transitions than their last album, 2012’s March Of Progress, so that each track flows together with ease without feeling forced.

The overall tone is similar to past records, but the significantly more detailed execution enhances the album, taking it to the next level. Their sound is heavy and melodic, mixing with aspects of hard rock. This cohesive fusion results in an ability to work across multiple genres, forming their own authentic sound. They exemplify this unified and unwavering tendency with their opening track, “Watchtower On The Moon,” as it progresses from a euphonic medley of keys into a meticulous guitar riff seamlessly.

Even the band’s lyrical approach has evolved, as For The Journey boasts a more contemplative outlook than the previous record. Touching on themes of modern morality and values, Threshold examine each with a personalized sensitivity and humanity. One of their standout tracks, their song “Lost In Your Memory,” reflects on the past and how it influences the present, with lines such as, “Every day is a testament to all the things you’ve done/And all you’ve overcome.” With the intricate features and obvious passion put forth to deliver this record, it’s obvious that Threshold have bounced back, even greater than they were before.

In A Word: Enlightened

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