Trailblazing rock band Gang Of Four continue to create music almost 40 years since their inception. Despite their history being lined with breaks and alterations in lineup, they have been active since their 2004 revival. The current group has been together since 2012 when current lead vocalist John Sterry was introduced. Their first record since his start and the act’s ninth studio album, What Happens Next is the next installment of the their lengthy history, as it presents itself as a token of the group’s continuous commitment to thriving through forces of change and adaptation.

There is a lot of guitar in true rock record fashion. Additionally, an abundant amount of varying percussion used throughout works to diversify the texture and rhythm. Of course, with the introduction of a new lead vocalist, it equates to a distinguishable difference between previous albums and this new record. What gives the instruments a unique sound and characteristic are the synth sounds that give an alternative feel to their music.

“Where The Nightingale Sings” is hypnotic rock with entrancing melodies and mysterious vocals. “Broken Talk” takes us back with a traditional shredding guitar and drum parts, but the vocals stir the song up with a catchy composition and a feature of Alison Mosshart of The Kills. Also featuring Mosshart, “England’s In My Bones” features a bit more groove and a peculiar but also memorable hook. “First World Citizen” is futuristic and ethereal with plenty of interplay between guitar and drums.

A lot has changed for Gang Of Four but they’ve managed to stick to their unique style that has allowed them to be considered so innovative in the past. I think this has to do with the influence of the last standing original member, Andy Gill. The new work is satisfactory complete with an interesting collection of numbers that are exciting and have distinct musical ideas.

In A Word: Stimulating

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