Hello friends, it’s about that time to talk some local music. I cannot believe how fast this year is going already, but on the bright side, the warm weather may be just around the corner. This winter has provided me with a lot of time to stay indoors, which means researching and listening to music during my spare time. I have been lucky enough to find dozens of bands that are brand new to my ears, not having to recycle the same bands through and through. This week’s act that I am going to spotlight will exemplify just that: fresh material that I need you to know about!

I recently was rummaging through some local music supporters like Nikki Black and my friends over at The Saint in Asbury Park, to see that we both had some “likes” in common. Don’t worry, it’s acceptable to do some social media following; after all, that’s where I find most of my influences these days! There was a band there called Semiotics, who have been on my “to-do” list for a few months now; I have just yet spent the time I needed to on their material. You may or may not have already heard of them, so maybe I am late to the game. Well, I regret that, however, it was well worth the wait. Let’s indulge a little more on this group, shall we? I know you will enjoy.

Semiotics started just over a year ago, and hail from the musically talented city of New Brunswick, New Jersey. They categorize themselves as “alternative rock/emo,” with members Nick, Seth, Crispy, and Alex. Keep in mind, this is just a genre. Now, I do not know much history on this group, or what the name means, but I was okay with that upon starting this review. Reason being, I made my own assumption of what they are like based on solely their sound, and that alone sold me. That speaks volumes to music journalists who really don’t have to do much more research other than hearing a band’s tunes. To my pleasant surprise, I saw they recently played a show with a ton of Local Radar alumni including my friends in Monterey and Deal Casino.

After doing some detailed exploring, I saw they had recently dropped a fresh new track entitled “I’ve Known You Since I Was A Kid.” Now, if you are a regular human, there is always someone in your life that you could relate this song to, but there is more to it than just the title. This song is full of energy, and really allows you to hear just how strong their musicianship is. I’ve really fallen in love with the tone of this song, and the lyrics too. I highly suggest you check it out for yourself.

Now, I thought I was sold on this hit, but trust me, they have so much more to offer. If you’re also looking for a song to love, I highly recommend checking out “Just Words.” Although the meaning may not be as deep as I am interpreting it, this song hit hard. I think many fans will be able to relate to this track on a personal level. It also showcases how talented the vocals are here, and the musicianship is incredibly tight. Both of these songs can be found on their soon-to-be-released record entitled Bobby Pins, which from what these two tracks represent, will be compacted with boundless dynamism and a load of talent.

Semiotics have a solid spring show lineup, including playing legendary places like New Brunswick’s The Court Tavern, The Wonder Bar in Asbury Park, and much more. You can find out tour dates and where you can catch them next over on their Facebook page at facebook.com/SemioticsNB. Over there you can also find exclusive song announcements and complete interaction with fans, which is always very important. They are already playing with some very established local bands, so trust me when I say everyone is buzzing about them on socials. I think fans of good music in general will really appreciate this band, for their talent is undeniable. I look forward to hearing their album release and seeing them perform live in the near future!

Be sure to get Semiotics on your radar as soon as possible, as you don’t want to miss the boat if they become the next big thing! I will be back next week with another local act to spotlight, so keep on sending in those submissions! I will see you all on the flipside.

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