2014 marked the 20th anniversary of metal band 36 Crazyfists. Originally formed in Anchorage, Alaska, the quartet have recorded their seventh studio album, Time & Trauma. With a four-year break from their last album release, the group has come back packing quite a punch. Frontman Brock Lindow’s intense vocals are showcased throughout the entirety of the tracks. Supporting a necessary extension of guitar solos, the bass and drums provide a solid platform for each song.

            Time & Trauma incorporates the band’s metal style with rapid beats. They waste absolutely no time with lengthy introductions and jump into each song immediately. Of course, there are many noteworthy songs throughout the 12-track album. 36 Crazyfists’ overall ability to maintain undeniable clarity is nothing short of impressive. We can easily get lost trying to follow song lyrics when it comes to metal music, yet Lindow’s singing is understandable. Even in “Silencer” there is a plethora of screaming, but it still remains comprehensible. While some metal groups are rather unintelligible, 36 Crazyfists are clear and it has made them memorable figures in the metal scene.

The album is a fast-paced collection that is full of intensity. They’ve been together for two decades, and Time & Trauma reflects how that time has improved their performance. Although they chose to take a small break between releasing albums, it appears to have served them well. 36 Crazyfists have refined their skills while remaining true to their own unique style, and Time & Trauma is worth checking out for a dose of necessary metal.

In A Word: Indispensable

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