Hailing from Piraeus, Greece, Amniac have placed a unique footprint on the metal scene. Formed in 2010, the quartet recently recorded their first full-length album, Infinite. Within the seven tracks, Amniac provides heavy, yet hauntingly melodic music. There’s almost an ebb and flow in the songs that works incredibly well for their style. While there are definitely bold vocals and notes, there are many softer moments webbed throughout the album. This technique creates a balance that makes the album noteworthy. While Amniac tried to avoid being lumped into any specified subgenre, it’s safe to say that they have created something that is distinctive.

Infinite has several songs with minimal vocals. “Rise Like The Suns” is slightly over eight minutes long, yet more than half of the song is only the group’s instrumentation. This is similar to “The Infinite,” where there is less focus on the vocals. Using tunes with more concentration upon the instruments does work well for Amniac. Their musical talent is showcased and the listener is able to focus on the melodies easily. “Discerning” is significantly slower and shorter than other numbers, and it would likely make a great introduction in combination with another song. The tune uses a simple guitar and bass combination to create an unhurried harmony.

We can appreciate the lengths of many of the tracks on Infinite. Five of the songs are over six minutes long, extending the innovative melodies. The opening title, “And The Others Just Survive,” sums up Amniac’s overall style. While in sync, the basslines and guitar are accentuated by the percussion. There is definitely some vocal range stylistically, but it varies from song to song. They’ve established ways to highlight each member’s musical talent without muffling one another. Amniac provide more than typical metal; they are bringing an original style to the genre.

In A Word: Individualistic

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