Maria’s Local Radar: The Moms

Wednesday is once again upon us. It’s become like a Friday to me, the day I look forward to most in the work week. I mean, honestly, who wouldn’t want to post about their favorite bands all day and recommend things for you all to listen to? I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thanks to everyone for all of the feedback on the bands we have featured these past few weeks, and hopefully you have filled your music library with a lot of new choices! I am hoping to keep the streak alive in this column as well, so let’s get it started.

This week, I am going to talk about a band that really has grabbed my attention hard this year, and they’ve been on my list to feature for a few weeks. They go by the name of The Moms, and no, they aren’t my parents. Well, at least I don’t think they are (kidding). These guys are straight-up rock and roll, and I want to put out on paper how cool they actually are, if I can even fit it all into words. So, let’s give it a shot.

The Moms are a rock and roll trio from New Jersey with members Joe Nester, Don Saraceno, and Jon Stolpe. I haven’t met them yet, but when I do, I know there will be tears. Their first full-length album, Buy American, had me hooked instantly, and I have had it on heavy rotation for a solid month now. The track “Bedtime” hit me in the head like a pile of bricks, in the best way possible. With a video to go along with it, it has a powerful message. Clearly, the message of the song is dark, yet they find a way to make the song upbeat. I guess it’s true what they say, “Flowers won’t grow in the places it doesn’t rain.” You can interpret it how you want, but I am sure it will affect someone, someway, somehow. I won’t give away the farm, so watch it for yourself and you will see what I mean.

Their bio describes how they are, and it seems to fit perfectly, stating, “The Moms tread the thin line between shameless idiocy and dark humor, at times seeming to test the boundaries of the First Amendment.” If you aren’t intrigued by that statement alone, I am not sure what does it for you.

So what is it exactly that I love about this band? They seem fun; it’s the type of songs I want to put on a playlist when hanging out with friends or getting pumped up at a football tailgate. That may sound weird to you, but there aren’t that many bands left out there that can put you in that mood. Don’t get it twisted, however, because their songs are full of substance. They just have a clutch way of delivering their messages without leaving you in a puddle of your own tears. These aren’t tracks you want to get down on, and I promise they will get you up.

I also love their track “Miss America,” for it puts their talent in a whole new light. I am not sure how seriously they take themselves, but they are very talented. I also recently saw that they will be sharing the stage with one of my favorite bands, New Found Glory, at Starland Ballroom on Saturday, March 28! I cannot think of a show that will be as fun as this, and it will be my first time seeing them live!

If you want to learn more about The Moms, check out their video and tunes, purchase their record, and be sure to visit their Facebook page at They are very active with their fans over there, so be sure to tell them Maria sent you. I promise you will like their songs, for they are catchy, meaningful, and full of life. Maybe you should get on there and demand they play a show in your town (just throwing it out there)!

I will be back next week with another band to put into the spotlight, and I only have seven days to find my next victim! Keep those submissions coming, and I’ll see you next week!