MedioXcore: And None For The Victim Blamers, Bye!

There is no room in any scene for you.


We tend to idolize bands and musicians for their talents or personas despite the fact that they, truthfully and realistically, are simply mere mortals such as ourselves. We tend to try and justify or in some cases completely overlook their not so great behaviors because we don’t like to admit that our heroes are human and sometimes really shitty.

We should really stop this.

Just because he sings pretty things doesn’t mean he didn’t force himself on an underage girl on his tour bus. Just because he’s been your favorite since eighth grade and you’ve been to 20+ of his shows doesn’t mean he didn’t try to get a girl drunk to manipulate her. Just because he has pretty blue eyes…

I’m not saying only male musicians creep on people. But in recent articles I have read, it’s been solely male perpetrators. And the reactions to the brave female former fans that come forward with their stories is nothing short of fucking sickening.

Like really though. What the fuck is wrong with you?

If a 15-year-old girl says she was violated, and provides proof in the form of saved messages and conversations, or even nude photos that clearly feature the accused…she’s not fucking lying. She’s not a whore. She shouldn’t burn in hell. She should be listened to, she should press charges, and she should keep screaming over the voice of her abuser on the radio until she is heard and the correct measures are taken against them. She should be told over and over again how brave and important it was for her to come forward.

If multiple people accuse so and so’s drummer with proof, they’re not fucking lying. Their drummer is a serial abuser and should be treated as such, not put on a fuckboy pedestal and lauded by other fuckboys who will ask what the girls were wearing, why they willingly got on the bus or in the car, why they kept speaking to this person if they felt uncomfortable.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to speak out against someone who has power and status over you? Let alone someone loved by millions (or less in many cases because they’re fucking shitty) of adoring fans who spit vitriol at any person assumed to be dating them just because?

No. You have absolutely no idea. Which is why you’re still claiming that weird, misshapen wiener in the photo totally doesn’t belong to the bassist of whatever pop punk band despite the fact that his stupid tattoo is also in the picture. Along with his fucking face.

“It’s not him. That whore is lying. He would never.”

Welp, he did. Quite a few times, judging by the outcry of solidarity by all these other victims. Who all have the same photos, the same regurgitated bullshit in the saved texts.

How can a scene preach about sticking together and protecting each other, and then completely tear apart someone who comes out against a beloved sound guy or lead singer? Too easily, is how. And it’s shameful.

This behavior that I would expect from tweens with no idea how the world works is being exhibited by grown ass people and that’s disgusting. You are disgusting. And you are making me lose focus on my column because I’m so mad thinking about how horrible you are.

According to statistics, you know people (plural, not just one) who have been raped or otherwise assaulted. What the hell are you doing behind your keyboard telling someone to kill themselves because they were abused? Grow the fuck up.

Do not support rapists. Do not support abusers. Do not support molesters. Do not support creeps and perverts. Do not support people who support other horrible people.

This is not difficult. It really truly isn’t. That’s why this month’s column is so short. And sweet.

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