Locals, we meet again. I can finally start to write articles without having to wear gloves! The weather is slowly but surely heating up, and I can almost smell summer in the distant future. There is something about going to concerts when you don’t have to check a coat that really gets my blood flowing. However, on the bright side, although this winter has been brutally cold, the bands in this area have done their best to heat things up! I have seen and discovered a lot of talent this season, and I am looking forward to opening some new doors, and keeping the local vibes moving throughout the rest of the year! 2015 started off with a bang, and I am confident it will continue that way. We have a lot of cool shows coming up in the area, including tons of national and local acts, so be sure to get off yours butts and support the local venues.

That being said, it’s time to focus on another local artist that has really grabbed my attention as of late. They go by the name of Lake Effect, and you may or may not have heard of them already. Upon listening to my friends Deal Casino’s new music on their page, I saw they were sharing the stage with this band. They have been on my “to-do list” for a few weeks now, but this set me off to get moving and take a listen to this band. Let’s just say I haven’t looked back since. Ladies and gentlemen, the amazing talent that is Lake Effect.

Lake Effect is a band from Montclair, New Jersey, with members Max, Keith, Brian, and Ryan. Do I know them personally? No, not yet, but I intend to become show buddies with them in the very near future. Now, upon hearing the band name, it naturally got me feeling somewhat scientific, for as we all know, a “lake effect” is when snow forms in the winter when cold air masses move over warmer lake waters. (So, how much did I just bore you there? And, naturally, I totally looked up that definition, so don’t feel bad.) These guys however, are hot, fresh, and gifted.

Their EP, Adolescence, can be found on their Bandcamp page, and I thoroughly enjoy each and every track on this. It came out last year, so many of you may have it already, but it’s better to be late than not attend the party at all, right? I guess if I had to put them into a “genre” just for description purposes, you could tag them as alternative/indie, with some rock twisted in. That may not make sense, but they have a sound all of their own, so it’s tough to tell. Back to the EP, it kicks off with my personal favorite song, “When You’re Alone.” Take a listen and you will see why I am feeling this so much, for it has a sense of energy that makes you want to drive with the top down and scream at the top of your lungs. They indicated that this EP was recorded in their practice space, and it really gives it that natural, in-your-face feel. I also really love the track “Nightstand,” which is completely different and will give you a new-found indebtedness of their musical abilities. The vocals are spotlighted heavy on this one, and I love the tones. Take a listen to the lyrics here and you can almost relate it to a situation in your own lives.

Aside from the EP I have been raving about, they have also released some new tunage on their Facebook page. The song is called “Dasha,” and they stated they’ve been playing it a lot live, so they recorded it for the fans. I am 100 percent digging this song, for it’s compacted with heaps of guitars and, of course, again, impactful lyrics. This may be their biggest single yet, as I could hear this one getting a ton of airplay. This track is the first one to be released off of their EP Failure, which will be released soon. I hope that with all of these EPs brewing, they are in the market to record a full-length (hint guys, just throwing that out there). Do yourself a favor and add this single to your playlist, as I have a feeling you will become a fan off of this one song alone.

Be sure to head on over to Lake Effect’s Facebook page at facebook.com/LKFFCT, where you can find music, cool new projects, videos, and upcoming shows in your area. Lake Effect are on my radar, figuratively and literally, and I am feeling refreshed hearing their sounds. It’s something innovative; I am not here saying their sound is changing the world, but it definitely could shake things up a bit. Check out their show schedule and hopefully we will collide in the front row!

I will be back next week with another local band, solo artists, duo, or who knows, whatever is inspiring me at the moment! Keep on sending me your submissions to maria@theaquarian.com, or better yet, just spread the love online! That is usually where I find all of my music and hot bands, so promote one another (trust me, it benefits everyone)! See you all next week.

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