An Intense Enlightenment


            Hailing from Texas, Amethyst have been together since Aug. 2013. The metal quintet is made up of Miles and Mason Croney on guitar and drums, respectively, Lance Nerio on guitar, Chanc Deeter as lead vocalist, and Dylan Woods on bass. They wasted no time in releasing music; only a month after their inception had they released a first single. A month after that, their debut EP, The Depth Of Choice, was out. They followed these releases with extensive touring, including two headlining excursions during 2014.

            “The Captivated” was their first single and it foreshadowed what was to come; the song is pure hardcore metal and it’s about finding liberation to a vice. “Silence” features a vocal mix of melodic singing and harsh growls. An emotional delivery on “Wasteland” makes the track stand out. Uninhibited and moving lyrics, “It’s hard to find the purpose from within, when all I’ve been told that I’ve been living my life the wrong way,” and, “I know I’ll never be completely free, but I’ll start with the idea of a better tomorrow,” surprisingly accompany their intense delivery. Their lyrics are especially inspirational in “The Enlightenment.” Deeter growls out uplifting lyrics such as, “So live your life, and don’t give up. Lift your head, there’s always hope.” Check out their website,, and listen to their music on ReverbNation,


New Force, New Era

Jet Force Gemini

As a pop-punk trio from Portland, Oregon, Jet Force Gemini have big ambitions for their music. Composed of lead singer and bassist Michael Christopher, lead guitarist and vocalist Roman Bilko, and drummer Paul Richey, the group hopes to stand out in the pop-punk scene. Their debut album, Pistola Melodica, was released last December. Since then the group has endlessly promoted their work.

“New Disco Era” is a fun, quintessential pop-punk track with catchy melodies and lyrics. On a sincere note, “Skyline” is about devotion; the speaker promises that although he cannot provide lavish gifts, he would deliver on genuine dedication. The guitars in “Target” are memorable and heavy; the song has an edge that may be a hint of a future sound. “Love.Demolition” is a track that describes love as destructive. The song depicts the speaker’s struggle in the relationship: “I’ve sold myself just to get you to listen. I love my voice to gain recognition. This isn’t love, it’s a demolition.” On “Sweetest Poison,” we see more of the intensity we were introduced to on “Target.” They confirm that they are not afraid of diversity. Give them a listen at and keep up with all their content at


A Serious Collaboration

Very Americans

Former indie band members have come together and using their past experiences have created a new group called Very Americans. Centralized in Harrisburg, PA, the five members are Rich Wise on vocals and guitar, Garret Rothman on bass, Tom McGrath and Tony Bavaria on guitars, and Steve Radtke on keys. Their latest release is their EP Stereo Types, four songs that exemplify the band’s expertise of the alternative scene.

Their music is the sum of all their musical histories, and they’ve come together pleasantly. “Without A Trace” is a lighthearted jam with a bright chorus. “Not That Serious” revels in indie angst; the song explains a failed attempt at a relationship. The dream-like “Floodgates” is about communication. Being on the longer side at eight minutes, “Fast Planes To Rio” can afford musical diversity within the track. The record, which is a remnant of their debut vinyl release, Back From The Dead, ranges from mellow to lively and has varying retro influences. With all it has going, the song ultimately keeps rock at the forefront. Listen to these tracks and others on and keep up with them at

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