Every now and then, a band comes along that makes you smile; whether it’s their live set, their album, or any time you hear their song come on the radio you have to turn it up. In this scenario, I am talking about California natives The Mowgli’s. Since the day I heard their debut smash “San Francisco” off of their debut record, Waiting For The Dawn, I knew there was something about them that would make me a hardcore fan.

Well, I was right. After a few more singles, seeing them live twice, and now eagerly awaiting their upcoming release, Kids In Love (to be released April 14), I think it’s safe to say I was over the moon to interview them. I had the chance to speak with Katie Jayne Earl, vocalist and percussion for The Mowgli’s, about any and everything they have going on right now. Let’s just say they are just as excited for their new music as we are. Check it out below!

Thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. We are so excited about the release of your new album, Kids In Love, out April 14. Can you tell us a little bit about the recording and writing process of this album?

Unlike the first album, we had a deadline, which was a challenge, but we worked hard and collaborated with so many amazing writers, producers, musicians. The experience was a lot of fun; we can’t wait to share it!

Being such a large group (meaning seven members, you guys are hot and fit), does it ever become difficult agreeing on writing and recording, or do you all seem to be on the same page?

Everyone is very supportive of one another. Colin [Louis Dieden, vocalist/guitarist/percussionist] and Josh [Hogan, guitarist/vocalist] are always writing nonstop, so they bring a lot of songs and ideas to the table that the rest of us are excited to help build. It’s usually a really positive and uplifting experience.

I am so into the new single “I’m Good.” From the first time I heard it I knew it was a hit! How has the reaction been thus far?

Good. I think? We can never really tell but it seems to have a lot of Spotify plays, hopefully that translates into a lot of people singing it at shows and feeling good! Glad you like it.

Maybe I am putting a self-indulged definition on the track, but it seems as if you are trying to tell the world you guys are in a “good” place (no pun intended). Am I understanding the message correctly, or is it one of those songs where fans can interpret it how they’d like?

Actually, we wrote it with a handful of other artists for an anti-bullying campaign! The lyrics were all written with the intention of making people feel good about themselves, because we believe that when you love yourself, you can better love those around you! It was never even a plan to put it on the record, but we felt the infectious vibe and so did our team. It seemed clear that the song was exactly the kind of message we wanted to travel around spreading.

It seems as if you guys blew up so quickly. I think music is in a great state to be receptive to The Mowgli’s sound. Did you guys ever anticipate the ride you have had thus far?

To be honest, we have been playing and working round the clock at this band for going on six years, so it never felt like we “blew up,” and it still doesn’t! We’re just doing our thing—traveling and playing—and we couldn’t be happier about it.

2015 is gearing up to be a fantastic year for you all. What’s been the biggest obstacle you’ve had to overcome as a group as of today?

Settling into this lifestyle was a little bit of a challenge but I’m hard pressed to even call it that. We are living our dreams and we feel so lucky about that. Every day and every experience brings us face to face with new challenges, but it’s never anything we can’t face and overcome as a group.

You guys will hit the road this spring on the Kids In Love tour that kicks off March 25, stopping at Bowery Ballroom in New York City April 16. How excited are you to kick off this tour, and what can fans expect? 

We are over the moon about playing these new songs. It’s reinvigorated our spark and reminded us yet again why we love playing music. I’d tell fans to expect a high-energy show, that’s all I can promise right now!

Are there any cities in particular you are looking forward to the most?

All of them! We have been lucky enough to see most of this country and there are so many places we love! Anywhere with good food and music fans!

If you had to choose between only recording music in the studio, or only playing live shows for the rest of your life, which would you choose?

This answer probably varies across the band but for me, I’d be at shows forever. I love being an entertainer.

After this spring tour, what’s next (already getting eager).

More touring/more music. We are just starting to put together the rest of the year. All we can think about right now is getting this record out and finally getting to play these songs live.

On a personal note, who are some bands that you are into right now?

Walk The Moon, Western Scene, Alt-J, Portugal. The Man, Hippo Campus, Dreamers, and of course, all the classics.

For those who are on the fence about getting into The Mowgli’s, please persuade them with me.

Get off the fence and come to a show! We promise to give you at least 100 percent. And our goal is to make you feel better when you leave than you did when you came!


You can catch The Mowgli’s at Bowery Ballroom in New York City on April 16. Their new album, Kids In Love, is available April 14 through Republic Records. For more information, go to themowglis.net.

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