Local friends, it’s about that time to chat music once again! Wednesday is upon us, the weather is getting warmer, and summer is almost in reach. I don’t know what it is about the warm weather that just makes me want to do more, but I finally feel like I don’t have to hibernate in my cave anymore.

First off, a shout out to some bands that are doing cool things on the local front: New Theory are opening for Papa Roach at Starland Ballroom April 29, Bounders and Prehistoric Forest shared the stage at The Saint a few weeks ago, and Owel released an amazing new smash hit and video. There is a lot to be said for what is happening around town these days, and these are just a few bands that are adding fuel to the local fire.

That being said, I must put another talent into the spotlight. I actually first heard about this band when I was cruising a group’s page in which I just mentioned about. They hail from Jersey City, New Jersey, and they may already be on your radar. Either way, I think we should get a little more in depth as to what they are all about. They go by the name of Perennial Reel, and they are getting a ton of buzz as of late. Let’s embellish, shall we?

Perennial Reel; I have absolutely no idea what this band name means, but that’s okay because I am still into it. Maybe one day I can sit down with them and find out more about this mystery name, as it could have a very cool story behind it. Or, they could have just thrown two words together in which they liked. Either way, they are great.

They’ve been a band since 2011, so I am a little late to the game, but better late than never as they always say. Members of this band include Timothy Erbach, Evan Dibbs, and Rory Bauers. Their album Silver Plane Crucifix really grabbed my attention from the start. After just a few plays, I was hooked. It was easy to find, right on their Bandcamp page. I always love it when artists share their music for the world to hear without requiring you to pay right off the bat. That way, we can really build a relationship with the band, and get to interpret their tracks in ways that we want to, as a fan does.

I started off with a track called “The Lights,” which is just over seven minutes long. They have a chill, mellow vibe that only people like Jack Johnson can give me on this track. I just want to crack open a beer and sit in the sun while listening to this one. However, don’t get it twisted; these guys can totally pump up your mood as well.

“Explosions” also got my gears grinding, showcasing their musical and vocal abilities strong on this track. I do also enjoy the title of this song, for I feel it’s one of those songs that we can interpret its meaning simply by using our imaginations. I really love the guitars on this one as well—check it out and you can see for yourself. I also highly recommend “Mother Theresa,” as this is one of their shorter tracks. Really do yourself a favor and listen to the lyrics here, for this may be their most powerful song. I don’t think I can pick a favorite tune on the album, since it’s all great stuff from top to bottom, with something for all music lovers to enjoy.

Perennial Reel have a reputation for being a solid live act, and I cannot wait to see that for myself. I saw they recently shared the stage with Prehistoric Forest, whom I mentioned above, and hopefully they are playing another local show that I can crash in the near future! If you want to learn more about them, access their music and share your love with them, head on over to spcrucifix.bandcamp.com, and find them on Facebook as well. Over there you can access their album, find out when they are playing live, and demand that they come to your town.

I will be back next week with another local band of your liking, so get your butts off the couch (when you’re done reading the whole Aquarian, of course), and attend a show in your area. I’ll see you all next week!

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