The Blank Tapes: Geodesic Dome Piece

California rocker Matt Adams has gone by the name The Blank Tapes for almost 10 years, making music for those smitten with nostalgia and illusion. As a solo act, Adams puts forth all the effort into his music, which means he writes, plays, produces and records everything on his own, but of course with help here and there from many. He first started out recording on an 8-track recorder, but has since upgraded into recording studios and a transition into a trio. Their newest album is titled Geodesic Dome Piece.

Regardless of the lineup alteration, The Blank Tapes have not lost their style and persona. The current members besides Adams include bassist D.A. Humphrey and drummer Charles. Their music is reminiscent of classic punk rock fused with California surfer rock. Even with a highly focused subject matter, they manage to keep their lyrics fresh.

We’re introduced to the record with a funky guitar intro on “Way Too Stoned.” “Oh My My” is psychedelic with a monotonous vocal and echoing background vocals. Upbeat and oddly cheery, “So High” features a tambourine and catchy lyrics. “Slippin’ Slide” additionally speaks to the lighthearted ambiance that can be felt throughout, but what makes it stand out is its horn use. “To Your Dome Piece” is a mellow, acoustic end to the album.

The music is absolutely nothing less than daydream inducing. The trio may have purposefully wanted to create this ambiance, and their end result certainly achieves that. With a record that instantaneously delivers their listener to a calm state and 10 years of change and experience, The Blank Tapes has hopefully become what Adams has anticipated it to be.

In A Word: Soothing