It’s about that time for the Local Radar; what bands you have been into lately? I feel like more and more groups around here are getting their names out there, between Toothgrinder going on national tours, The Front Bottoms headlining shows, Brick + Mortar putting out new music, and so much more. New Jersey is a great place to live if you are constantly looking for new music to explore. Between live events and bands supporting one another, it’s almost hard to escape it (not that you’d want to).

On that note, I have another band that has been around for some time now, but I am just jumping on board since I saw them live for the first time a few weeks back. I am talking about a group that you may or may not already know about, dollys. They are an indie/pop band from New Brunswick, one of NJ’s most prestigious music towns. Honestly, I cannot even think of one band from that area that I don’t like. There must be something in the water, give me some of it! Anyway, I digress. Upon first listen, you may think you are hearing a six-piece, but in fact, only three members compile this band. They are playing all over the New Jersey, New York, and Philadelphia circuit, gaining new fans like myself each and every day.

Dollys is Jeff Lane, Natalie Newbold, and Erik Romero. First things first; when I see a chick drummer (I may be biased here), I am automatically a fan. There is something so badass about a woman who can hold her own back there. However, don’t get it twisted, there is so much more here. Their new music can be found on their Facebook page, and you should really, really purchase it. I actually heard them live before I heard their recordings, so I knew I would be a fan. They are so incredibly talented in their performance, so how could their recordings be bad? Well, in some situations, recordings don’t do a band justice, but when you lay tracks down at Lakehouse Music in Asbury Park, they always come out right.

I immediately fell in love with the track “Cornerstones.” I got in my car after seeing them with Owel and Goodbye Tiger at Asbury Lanes, and downloaded this song immediately. The night was somewhat of a blur so I cannot even recall if they played this track live, but since it’s new, I am sure they did. However, once I had it on my phone, there was no turning back. I am hooked on this jam—seriously hooked. There is something so different here than what is out today; they are fun, spunky, original, and pretty damn gifted. It just goes to show that with some talent and imagination, people can create a sound that is all their own. They ooze originality, and although they may have influences and bands that they love, I can see them taking the reins on a stimulating new genre.

I also recommend the title-track, “How Charming,” for you will fall in love all over again. This track showcases great musicianship, and you should really take a listen to the lyrics. I am not sure if they write as a whole, or if it’s a one-person job, but I feel as if it’s a very relatable track on many levels. The energy this band can bring is extremely apparent, and it shows not just through their stage performance, but also through their recordings.

Cruising the internet, I am seeing that their new music has gotten a ton of good feedback, which is really deserving. They are also playing shows all over the place, so find an excuse to get out and see them live. I am still new to the dollys train, but I can assure you I will not be hopping off anytime soon. Head on over to their Facebook page to check out when they are playing a show near you, listen to some tunes, and just see how cool they are over at They also have an official website at They are fun, relatable, and well on their way.

I will be back next week with another local band that is causing a frenzy, but in the meantime, be sure to show your support for one another, one act, one show, one record at a time! See you next week.

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