Maria’s Local Radar: Wyland

Every so often, I find a band that really blows me out of the water, leaving me speechless. This time around, that effect has happened, and it’s happened hardcore. I have ventured out looking for some talent, and I stumbled across a group that was playing the Gentlemen Of The Road Stopover in Seaside Heights with Mumford & Sons, Alabama Shakes, and more. They hail out of the New York/New Jersey area and they are alternative indie rock. Any further questions? Well, naturally their name, of course—Wyland. Heard of them? I am not surprised, for they are very established in this area and have a ton of accolades in their young musical careers.

Now, who are they, you ask? Band members include Ryan Sloan, Mauricio Salazar, Kara Delonas, and Matt Pana. They are not personal friends of mine (not yet at least), however, I feel as if I have a connection to their sound that goes back for years.

Wyland already have quite the résumé in their young careers. They won the Break Contest in 2014, allowing them to play the Skate And Surf Festival, received some laudatory reviews, and so much more. They are still so young, with so much future ahead of them. They’ve already opened for national acts that I haven’t listed previously, including Awolnation and Cold War Kids. That alone is more than many bands do in their whole careers, and these guys have been around a mere two years! They cite some of their influences as The Beatles, U2, The Police, and more. However, trust me when I say that their sound is all their own.

I was first introduced to Wyland by a song called “Rust And Bone.” The immediate piano chords caught me off guard, as I was super impressed with this mellow tone, allowing me to still rock out pretty hard. The lead vocals on this track are as smooth as butter, and the quality of this track is top-notch. I could hear this tune being a theme song in a television show about teenagers falling in love, and I mean that in the best way possible. You know when you’re watching that show, and you’re so sucked up in that moment, that one song creates a perfect soundtrack to your emotion? That is this song.

I then indulged in a track called “Midas,” which is completely different and just as tasty. Its comforting undertones set the mood for an awesome tune. Again with the heavy piano and soul-touching lyrics, this track could be blasted in the car while on a night out with your girlfriends. The lyrics are also very personal, and I am sure you could find some situation in your lives to relate this one to. This track can be found off of their latest release, You’re In The World, Get Off Your Feet. This is available on Spotify and for purchase, so be sure to check it out. It is compacted with five amazing jams, and be sure not skip over “Lifeboats,” which is my personal favorite.

Having accomplished so much already, I find the future will be extremely bright for Wyland. They are living proof that anything you set your mind to, if you work hard enough, you can accomplish your goals. I am sure their fan base has been broadened to new horizons after playing to thousands of people in Seaside Heights, and this is only the beginning for the youngsters. I look forward to seeing what other doors open for them, and I know I will be following behind them.

If you want to learn more about Wyland, be sure to check out their Facebook fan page at They also have an official website at Over there you can find audio, video, tour dates, and everything your little fan heart could ever desire. I hope to sit down and interview these guys in the near future, so if you are reading this, be sure to hit me up!

I will be back next week with another band of your liking. In the meantime, get off your butts and support some local music. See you next week!