Jessi Mechanic: Wandering In Roam

Emerging as a refreshing act based out of the New York City indie rock scene, singer-songwriter Jessi Mechanic definitely made an immediate impression with a favorable sound that passionately embraces every single aspect of the city life through the colorful representation of her work. With an eccentric list of influences under her belt that includes artists like Radiohead, Fiona Apple, Laura Marling and Elliott Smith, Mechanic sincerely incorporates these shining elements into her songwriting—especially throughout her debut EP, Wandering In Roam.

From the very beginning, the album’s title track and opening number, “Wandering In Roam” introduces listeners to Mechanic’s vibrant vocal harmony, as she conveys a soothing undertone that would instantly make you want to fall in love; especially if you’re walking through the New York City streets with your heart skipping a beat every second. From the simplistic indie persona that this title track brings to life alone, I can envision “Wandering In Roamas a heartwarming soundtrack to perfectly fit the mood for any wanderlust couple who is looking for a blissful evening underneath the stars.

“Somehow” is another enjoyable tune that for me personally and instrumentally conveys the same mesmerizing appeal of Elliott Smith to a certain extent. While the alluring piano composition and drum patterns of this number gracefully resembles the transcending tone of Smith’s iconic record, Figure 8, “Somehow” lyrically conveys some heavy lyrics that beautifully intertwines with the overall tone of the song.

Within the opening lines, “You bring out the worst in me/You bring out my enemy,” Mechanic relinquishes a brutally honest account of anguishing and draining relationship. As the song progresses with a whirlwind of overwhelming instrumental arrangements that would make you feel as if you’re trapped in an erratically spinning and emotionally-fueled Ferris wheel, the haunting melody of “Somehow” appropriately ties with the intensity of Mechanic’s lyrics.

While “Wandering In Roam” gracefully sets the stage for the sensational vibe of this release, “No Life At All” continues to convey similar parallels in sound, as Mechanic crafts together another upbeat track that will give you a bad case of the butterflies while you are embracing the warm company of a star-crossed lover on a subway at the end of the night.

Overall, the passion and enthusiasm of Mechanic’s songwriting gleams throughout this record, and the songs uniquely take on a completely new life of their own. What Wandering In Roam genuinely brings to the table is a pleasant studio effort that attains the infatuating imagery of what it is like when you sincerely fall in love with a complete stranger when you spontaneously visit the city; all while conveying a whimsical backdrop to complement the mood of each individual song.                             

In A Word: Vibrant