Ohio Sky: The Big Distraction

Ohio Sky, the four-piece progressive rock band, are standing strong following the recent release of their new album, The Big Distraction. Since their formation five years ago, the group has played with distinguished artists like Torche, Taking Back Sunday and Seether.

   The members—vocalist and guitarist Vinny DiFranco, bassist Michael Bashur, drummer Eric Bambic, and keys Patrick Finegan—have faced a lineup change. Bashur, once the lead guitarist, switched to the bass following the departure of their last bassist as the band determined to move forward with just four members. While the spark that draws their fans remains, the band is moving forward.

   Ohio Sky often draws impressive comparisons to bands such as The Mars Volta, Coheed And Cambria, and Deftones. This being said, the quartet holds strong with a sound that, though evocative of the rock and progressive aspects these groups hold, is uniquely their own. Each arrangement is fine-tuned, providing a mix of intense, drum-driven rock and unbearably catchy synths.

Songs like “Slow Down Stay Alive” play on the best parts of both the old and the new. With the intro’s catchy guitar riffs, the listener is drawn in immediately. As the track breaks into heavier bass a little more than halfway through, the momentum of the song completely changes, giving it an edge. The edge stems a bit from their 2013 self-released EP, This House Is Old And Full Of Ghosts, the more intense drumming an echo of the intro to “She’s So Heavy.”

Meanwhile, the title track “The Big Distraction” is exploding with a synth take that has a lighter space-rock feel. When the guitars kick in the song takes on a groove-like tone as DiFranco sings, “No time worth wasting/But love worth leaving/And all I ask is to let me go.” With their tighter lyrics and heavier groove elements, Ohio Sky haven’t changed their vibes so much as reined them in and perfected when to use them.

The consistent progression and support from their fanbase is bound to help the band to continue to expand. If the awards and mentions they’ve already acquired indicate anything, it’s obvious their listeners want more, and Ohio Sky are guaranteed to deliver.

In A Word: Compelling