Corsica Arts Club: Corsica Arts Club

Starting in 2014 and based in Los Angeles, Corsica Arts Club hit the music scene with their single “California I Follow.” The band consists of original band members Brendan Thompson and Arash Parsee along with Nate Chovanec, Peter McArthur, and Jason Mittleman, who later joined the band. Inspired by artists such as David Bowie, Iggy Pop, The Beach Boys, Prince and The Clash, Corsica Arts Club finally released their self-titled EP in June.

The single “California I Follow” caught attention from music brands such as Buzzbands, Et Musique Pour Tous, NME, and Casablanca Sunset, who explained the single to be a West Coast version of Phoenix meets Two Door Cinema Club & The Strokes.” Following that accomplishment, the band got to play their first live show last October, opening for Spoon and Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks. But that’s just the start.

What’s special about this particular EP is that all four tracks were written, recorded, and mixed by Thompson and Parsee in their home studio. Out of the four songs on the EP, (“Untamed,” “California I Follow,” “Don’t You Drift On By,” and “All Of My Friends”) I’d have to say that each of them sounds very similar.

Each song has a calm sound to it with a repetitive electric guitar riff, along with soft vocals to back it up aside from one track. Both musically and lyrically, my favorite song has to be “Don’t You Drift On By” due to the focus on just a guitar being strummed in the beginning backed up by the lyrical chorus, “I’ve got a real brain in my soul/You’ve got the cure to make me whole/Don’t you drift on by.”

The one song that stood out from all the others on the Corsica Arts Club’s self-titled EP would have to be “Untamed.” As said above, one of the band’s influences is Iggy Pop, but this song sounded more like Icona Pop’s “I Love It” featuring Charli XCX. What made “Untamed” sound so similar was the fact that it had more of an electronic dance beat similar to the main beat of “I Love It,” but the band still managed to keep their summer sound to the mix.

In being a band for just about just a year, Corsica Arts Club is continuing to thrive in one of the toughest parts of world known as the music industry by continuing to make music and catching attention from many people as they go.

                                                                                                             In A Word: Relaxing