Hip Video Promo: 15 Years Strong

Asbury Park’s The Saint will be celebrating its decade and a half of hosting and showcasing indie musical talents and, of course, promoting music videos. On Nov. 6, they will have their Hip Video Promo event that will feature performances by NJ born-and raised musicians. Among these will be Val Emmich, Nalani & Sarina, Brian Mackey, Ryan Brahms and Will Wood & The Tapeworms. Will Lee from the CBS Orchestra will be playing bass for Nalani & Sarina. In 2015, Val Emmich started a new project and released the self-titled EP, The Good Names Are Taken, in 2015, which features a lot of fun, upbeat songs with creative lyrics. Twin singer/songwriters Nalani & Sarina’s album, Scattered World, released via N&S Records in 2015, has impressive vocals and lyrics as the sisters harmonize seamlessly. Brian Mackey’s blends of folk-inspired lyrics and pop-rock give him a unique sound; his album, Broken Heartstrings, was released in 2014 via his own label. Singer/songwriter Ryan Brahms established his talents as a musical prodigy at 18 on saxophone and clarinet; his video for his new single “For This” truly shows his eclectic mix of genres from funk to rock and blues. Will Wood And The Tapeworms released their album, Everything Is A Lot, in 2015, and it’s a lot of fun with its super upbeat tempos and catchy vocals. Their music is the epitome of a performance, which seems to come alive even through audio. This promises to be a night filled with NJ’s best talents.