Public Image Ltd: Double Trouble

“What The World Needs Now” is more Public Image Ltd, who released a new album by the same name in September completely self-funded through their own label PiL Official via Redeye. This marks the band’s 10th studio album since they began in 1978. Their music is very experimental and fun to listen to, the lyrics are catchy and English lead singer John Lydon (the one constant member through the years) does a great job of personifying post-punk rock with his exciting vocals. Their single off their album, “Double Trouble,” is a great example of how original their music really is; it’s not something you hear every day and that alone is worth of a listen. The opening narration by Lydon sets the mood for something special; the upbeats by the percussion and constant guitar in the background really help to bring this single alive. They will be performing on Nov. 11 in Philly at the Trocadero Theatre and on Nov. 16 in NYC at PlayStation Theater.