Friends, family, avid readers; it’s about that time! Wednesday is naturally my favorite day to connect with all of you and talk about everything that is local. This week, I am expanding my reach a little bit on artists, and focusing on an incredible talent from Brooklyn, New York. Brooklyn is the home of so many talented artists and musicians, and sometimes it just makes sense to show the city and its people some love!

We recently received an email regarding this artist about some new music and cool things he has happening, so without further ado, I will let you know who I am speaking of: Brothertiger. It’s actually funny how long it has taken me to spotlight him, because I have been a fan for quite some time. When this email emerged into my inbox, it almost set a plug into my veins, sparking me to make some moves. So, let’s proceed to give you what you need here.

Brothertiger (aka John Jagos) is a solo electronic artist from Brooklyn who is currently taking the world by storm. I am sitting here scratching my head trying to remember the last time I covered an electronic artist, and I honestly cannot remember. Therefore, this is something fresh and innovative not just for me, but for the readers as well!

Now, although he may have a larger fanbase than a lot of the artists I feature in this column, he is still hustling and driving to get his name out there, and trust me when I say it is working! Brothertiger is currently on tour with Jr. Jr. (formerly Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.), and playing all over the country. He also has a brand spanking new LP on the horizon entitled Out Of Touch, which will be available for purchase Dec. 4. I had the pleasure of streaming it early, and I can honestly say I am hooked.

Some tracks I highly recommend from Out Of Touch include “Wake,” “Fall Apart,” and of course, “Jungle Floor.” I also really enjoy the album opener, “Beyond The Infinite,” because upon listening to it for less than a minute, my mood went from zero to 100 really quick. This record was recorded at Vacation Island Recordings and mixed at The Gallery in Brooklyn by Jon Markson before being mastered at Joe Lambert Mastering by Justin Colletti (Dead Leaf Echo). I think there is a little bit of something for everyone on this record; whether you want to hit the gym, dance at the club, or just drive with your windows down, this is the one for you. Everything about this LP makes me smile, from the style, to the sound, and the mood it sets. I highly recommend it for music lovers of all genres; I am confident you will have no regrets.

I remember checking out his first EP entitled Vision Tunnels a few years back, and spinning it a few times. Although I did enjoy that back then, Brothertiger has definitely come a long way these past few years in his unique sound and recording style. That EP did, however, gain him a lot of exposure. He then released another full-length in 2012 entitled Golden Years to great reviews (released on Mush Records). As I sat here and scratched my head wondering why I have never seen him live, I realized because this is the first record he is going on tour with, and I could not be more excited. Although I missed him at Webster Hall, you can bet your last dollar I will be in attendance at the next local show.

Pre-orders for Brothertiger are available now on his official website at Over there you can also find tour dates, videos, social media sites and much more. Be sure to pick up Out Of Touch on Dec. 4, and tell your friends to do the same. Brothertiger is well on his way, one record at a time.

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