New York punks, Everything Ever, in many ways, truly embody the whole 21st century pop-punk ethos. They’ve got their lyrics about apathy, boredom, and attempts at self-improvement. Musically, their songs alternate between fast-paced power chords and lead into big choruses that are practically designed to be sung along with. Lead guitarist and lyricist, Andrew Paladino, possesses the perfect voice for this music as well: a scratchy wail that never quite verges into whining territory. Not that these guys don’t have anything to whine about. This past summer, the band’s van was broken into right before a show in Manhattan and they were robbed of over $6,000, in gear and personal belongings. Their current mini tour of various New York venues, in support of their ambitious debut double LP, Solid Ground, released earlier this year, can be viewed as a triumphant bounce back from misfortune. Come out and support these guys at Mother Pug’s Saloon in Staten Island on Dec. 26.

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