Hailing from Montclair, NJ, Thank You Scientist boasts a unique sound that combines the punk-prog-metal vibe of bands like Coheed And Cambria with elegant string and horn arrangements that, at times, sound like everyone from Streetlight Manifesto to Morphine to Bitches Brew-era Miles Davis. The songs on their debut album, Maps Of Nonexistent Places, are both frenetic and melodic, making a strong first impression while, at the same time, rewarding multiple attentive re-listens. With a seven-piece lineup that includes a saxophonist, a violinist, and Andrew Digius, who is credited for “trumpet, flugelhorn, and synthesizer,” their live show is sure to be a high-energy affair. Thank You Scientist will be playing with Deaf Rhino and Morningside Lane on Dec. 30 at Mexicali Live in Teaneck.

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