Cauldron: Returning But Not In Ruin

Toronto’s Cauldron sounds as if they never got the memo that the golden age of heavy metal ended over 20 years ago. “No Return/In Ruin,” the lead single and first track off their upcoming album, In Ruin, shares the same DNA as all those classic Iron Maiden, Metallica, and Judas Priest albums from that time. Frontman Jason Decay’s lead vocals are a confident callback to when it wasn’t unusual to hear heavy metal bands on the radio alongside bands like Cheap Trick or Journey. The music itself is lively and actually fun, which is not something one hears often in an age where so many metal bands compete to have the most intense sound possible. Cauldron will be supporting Enforcer and Warbringer at Gramercy Theatre on Jan. 5 as well as at The Backstage at Championship Bar in Trenton on Jan. 6.