Conjured in Austin, Texas, I Am The Albatross are expanding their horizons and have recently completed their second album, Lonesome Son. The trio has remained in their home state, but after a year of creating and playing, they were able to produce new material for their growing fan base. The nation first heard from these rockers when their debut, self-titled album was released in early 2014. I Am The Albatross showcased five original songs, ranging in styles from hard rock to haunting harmonies to bluesy riffs, but with their newest album, Lonesome Son, avid rockers and music fiends alike can tell these guys have grown over the past year.

Their two self-produced albums present similar attributes such as their affinity for melodious vocals and equally-complex instrumentals. But their lyrics are more poetic and meaningful to match the high standards placed by the musical aspects. The young band’s rock/gothic/folk feel are played up with their heartfelt lyrics about love and longing, or a life’s struggle. Between their first and second album, the trio has maintained most of their musical attributes, but show less interest in haunting harmonies in Lonesome Son. Not to worry, though; I Am The Albatross made sure to continue their tradition of constantly switching between genres in their songs, keeping listeners very interested.

Fans never know what to expect from these experimental rockers; they can blend into the music scene with heavy guitar riffs and progressions, or shoot back in time to sound like a concoction of The Doors, Alice Cooper, and Led Zeppelin thrown into an oversized bowl. Stark differences in their music can be found in each album, but through their song, “Garden,” fans can easily hear why the group is known for varying tastes; especially when compared to “Black Crow,” found on their first record. While “Garden” picks up an older, more rock ‘n’ roll feel from the ‘60s and ‘70s, “Black Crow” is full of haunting harmonies one would most likely hear during a horror film’s credits. But, I Am The Albatross still find a way to connect each song so as to not seem too wild for newer, shyer fans.

Lonesome Son may have left the ghostly melodies behind, but the band refuses to completely ditch the Tim Burton-esque style and incorporate the haunted house feel to their lyrics, as seen in their tune, “Strange Island,” where they directly refer to a “haunted house,” and ghostly images. The song begins with plucking a banjo, but progresses with a jazzy swing—and gruff vocals to reflect the more or less disturbing lyrics. Think steampunk meets a haunted circus. I Am The Albatross offer a lively album and prove they’ve got many interests as far as composing new pieces is concerned. For those who are classic rock maniacs or who just can’t stand the monotonous beats and same chord progressions anymore, these guys will certainly tickle your fancy.

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