MedioXcore: Getting Rid Of More Than A Year

…Five Things To Stop Doing In 2016, AKA I’ve Made Your Resolutions For You. You’re Welcome.

1. STOP DOUBTING YOURSELF. Start the weird new project. Go solo or join a new crew if you feel like your current band is holding you back. If you’re a drummer but you want to try bass, try bass. Take your writing in a new direction. Get real and raw with it. Yes, you in the mirror getting ready for a gig, the deep v-neck IS fucking stupid, it has been for years, please take it off.

2. STOP PUTTING OFF RESPONSIBILITIES. Don’t bail on practice without a real, good reason more than once in a month-long period. Get your shit together. Finish the song. Replace your fucking drum heads, holy shit. Throw out the piss bottles in the practice space for the love of god.

3. STOP SUPPORTING SHITTY BEHAVIOR. What do a rapist, a pedophile, a racist, an abuser, and a homo/transphobe have in common? They all play in bands that still somehow have large, supportive followings. Your scene is shit because you support and perpetuate shit. Please stop doing this.

4. STOP IGNORING YOUR ROOTS. You would not be where you are today, if not for those before you who paved that pretty way for you. You are not number one. You are not original or unique. Have respect before someone beats you to death with that special snowflake soapbox you’re standing on.

5. STOP ALLOWING YOURSELF TO BE CLASSIFIED. Don’t let yourself or your work be constricted by the ‘guidelines’ of your ‘genre.’ Diversify. Get crazy with it. be misunderstood once in a while, it’s great, I promise.


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