Maria’s Local Radar: Bradykynin

Baby, it’s cold outside! In these winter months, we have been spoiled, so I may sound like a brat saying this but it is so hard to leave the house to do anything these days! Naturally, I am a grown adult and need to go to work, but I want to hibernate like a bear. However, it’s impossible to do when there are so many cool shows happening in this area, per usual. Just to name a few, one of my favorites, Grin & Bear, will be playing with Metro Station and Never Shout Never at Starland Ballroom Saturday, Feb. 13. Lost In Society also hit the Starland stage recently with Catch 22, World Inferno Friendship Society and more, and Toothgrinder graced the stage at New York City’s Webster Hall. Like I said, there are just too many cool shows happening in the area that I have to get my butt at.

That being said, there is another group of musicians that have really gotten my attention lately, as they submitted their new album for review to the Aquarian inbox (smart move guys, it landed in the right hands). Therefore, this week I am going to put them in the so-called “spotlight,” if you will, and tell you that you should give them a listen! In fact, I shall demand it. Let’s learn a bit more about BRADYKYNIN.

BRADYKYNIN are a rock band from northern New Jersey with a strong following and new music under their belts. The band consists of Lew Cofrancesco on vocals and bass, Mike Cairoli on guitar, and Duke Pavlovich on drums. In their own words, the band is back to “deliver their unique blend of post-punk, soft-sludge, and dream-pop rock that runs deep in diverse musical colors.” Their style sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? They just released their new album on Dec. 7 called Shady Tuesday, and it’s a great compilation of diverse, yet all equally as catchy tunes.

The first track of theirs that I sampled is called “Pickle Is A Cucumber.” The beginning immediately brings you into a trance where you are sucked into the song like a time warp. I absolutely love the bass lines (on all of the songs), and the lead vocals really soar on this one. “This love is not for free, this love is not for sale…” they preach. Hey, they are right; love is not for sale, friends. I think this song is a perfect album opener.

The next track I recommend you give a spin is called “Capgun.” It’s a bit slower, but also a bit heavier. You will find darker tones in this track if you take a listen to the lyrics and the melodies, and I really dig it. I feel like I could blast this song when I am having a really crappy day and want to take my aggression out on a punching bag. That may sound weird, but take a listen and you will see what I mean.

My personal favorite song on this record is the title-track, “Shady Tuesday,” for many reasons. I think it showcases the lead vocals beautifully, demonstrating just how talented Lew is. I also want to dance the second I hear this song, which is always a positive for me as well. Honestly, there isn’t a song on this record I do not like; each song is different, and has something for everyone. It really shows what they described their sound is like, with the punk, rock, and pop vibe. I really hear bits and pieces of everything on this album, and I am so glad I fell into it. I bet their live set is equally as entertaining as their recordings, and they will have the complete package. Check them out online, give this new record a spin, and catch a show here and there, because I have a feeling BRADYKYNIN are going to be a household name in the near future.

I will be back next week with some new, hot, innovative musicians that are on my radar. Until then, keep on submitting those tracks!