Baked Goods: One Of Those Things

What do you get when you throw jazzy riffs and some good rock ‘n’ roll into one song? Baked Goods: a spicy, yet refreshing twist of funk and light jazz. All from the same New York area, the quintet joined forces in high school—and their idea to become a band bloomed into a reality. After releasing their second and most recent album, One Of Those Things, these guys are picking up speed in the music world. Although still a newbie group, they’re gaining recognition—especially among the college-age crowd. With their fresh, eclectic sound and meaningful lyrics, it’s a wonder why the five haven’t surged to the top of the music charts yet.

In 2011, Baked Goods released their first album, Fresh Out Of The Oven; not only did they show off their talent and good taste, but they also let on that they have a good sense of humor with their double-meaning album title. Then, three years later, they recorded their second full-length album, One Of Those Things. Although less humorous, it packs a powerful punch, and hardly diverges from their initial sound. Keeping with their funky beats and jazzy melodies, the five added an edgier feel; an ounce of rock to their dirty jazz solos. Talk about keeping the funk scene alive.

One Of Those Things houses eight tracks, each as lively as the next. In lieu of the extensive brass solos as heard in their first album, they’ve added more drums and harder guitar bits—but electric guitar solos have not completely erased the sax’s importance. Instead, in their song “Get In Line,” for example, the musicians initiate in a battle between the classic, jazzy brass and the edgy guitar, which wraps up the song. The war climaxes as the two intertwine in a grapple for dominance, but they’re both overpowered by the final beats of the drum—and it’s finished. And “Cry” follows a similar pattern. But rather dueling, the sax and guitar come together in a peaceful reunion—and fade out together.

After recording their second album, Baked Goods leapt into touring to share their new material, enlightening one city at a time. Although they pose a completely different sound compared to the tunes broadcast on our “beloved” radio stations, they bring a fresh and unique style to the table. It’s our choice to welcome them with open ears and a pair of good earbuds.

In A Hyphenated Word: Much-Needed