Maria’s Local Radar: Twin Coves

It’s about that time to talk local music, once again. First off, huge congratulations are in order for a lot of bands around here, including Toothgrinder on their first major label release, The Front Bottoms and Brick + Mortar announcing a tour together, The Scandals playing a sold-out show in Garwood with The Menzingers, and bands like Grin & Bear making their Starland Ballroom debut with Never Shout Never. I must say, something must be in the water around here, because bands are really kicking butt!

That being said, I want to talk about another act that’s been getting a ton of recognition, and I even saw they will be playing the Jersey Rock showcase with 95.9 The Rat. This band has been buzzing on my radar for a few weeks, and I finally have had the time to sit down and hash out the details on their talent. You may or may not have heard of them, but I can promise they are not strangers to the scene. Allow me to introduce (or reconnect you) with Twin Coves.

Twin Coves is a band from Atlantic City, New Jersey, with members including the lovely and talented Christine Dixon, Alex Bui, Rob Bulman, and Dan Cannon. Their song “Well Wishers” immediately caught my attention when it was The Rat’s free music download of the week. I became instantly hooked, and started remembering why I had wanted to check this band out. This track is super catchy, and completely demonstrates how talented this group is as a whole. Hey, and it’s free music, what more could you ask for? Plus, they shared the stage with one of my favorite outfits, Mom Fight, which had already sold me over.

Another one of my favorite tracks is called “Young Blood Believers.” With soaring vocals, raging drums and more, I love every piece of this song. It reminds me of old-school Paramore, and Christine also has similarities to Hayley Williams (and I mean this is in the best way possible, so please take it as a compliment). Not to compare their styles, because Twin Coves has a ton of originality all their own, I am just saying if you were wondering how to describe their sound, this wouldn’t be a bad place to start. Anyway, back to the track. I think it were the lyrics that hit me the heaviest on this one. “This is the price we pay just to be alive, struggle to live just so we can die, who the hell are you to tell someone how to feel…” It’s beautiful, and oddly enough, extremely relatable. I highly suggest you take a listen to this song and fall in love.

Their EP, Tight Spaces, is currently spinning in my car. I remember when this record came out in July and seeing such great reviews of it, as Pete Steinkopf of The Bouncing Souls recorded the vocals here. “Thin Ice” and “Homemade Happiness” are must haves for all of your souls, trust me on this one. I am determined to get out and see their live set, because if their style and sound is this good on a recording, I can only imagine how much energy they will bring to a live room.

Check out Twin Coves’ Facebook page, as they have announced a ton of shows coming up, and you have no excuse to not get out and see them. Find out more about them, access their photos, music and more at Hey, maybe even tell them Maria sent you (thanks for the shameless plug).

If you’re looking for something fresh, innovative, and erupting, Twin Coves is the band for you. They’re a little bit punk, a little bit rock, and immensely talented. I will be back next week with some more fresh talent to share with you. I will see you on the flipside!