Maria’s Local Radar: Between The Buried And Me & August Burns Red — Live At Starland

I have to start off by saying, the weather is getting warmer, and man oh man does it put me in a better mood. There is nothing better than driving with the sunroof open, blasting some music, and having people in the cars next to you stare as you sing at the top of your lungs. Am I right? Come on!

That being said, March is a month filled with shows on my schedule, including one I had been looking forward to for months. Granted, these bands come around a lot, but never together. This time around, it was special; Friday, March 4, at Starland Ballroom in Sayreville, New Jersey, I witnessed Between The Buried & Me share the stage with August Burns Red. Although they may have a lot of the same fans, there were definitely some people in the crowd that night that hadn’t seen one or the other. That being said, let me tell you a little bit about how much this night shredded. Were you there, too? Hopefully we met.

The night kicked off with Good Tiger, and awesome supergroup that I have wanted to see for quite some time now. They got the crowd started off right, and I immediately went home and streamed their music. If you haven’t heard of them, I suggest you check them out. The Faceless were also supposed to be on this tour, but unfortunately at the last minute they had to drop off. Not sure what happened, but it didn’t matter; the night was still as amazing as I expected.

Around 8:15 (yes, it was an early night), one of my favorite bands of all time, Between The Buried & Me, hit the stage, hard. They started off with one of my favorite tracks, “Foam Born,” and the crowd went nuts. Throughout the whole set, kids were cheering “B-T-BAM,” and it made my heart smile. It’s amazing to see how much talent a band can have, screaming and singing at the same time.

A few songs in, BTBAM played my favorite track, “Ectopic,” which most definitely was also a crowd pleaser. Their set lasted just about an hour, and they played many songs I hadn’t seen them do in a while. I had seen them at Starland last year, and their setlist was a lot different (which is always a good thing). Closing the night with some jams such as “Mirrors,” “Famine,” and “Selkies,” my appetite was completely satisfied. I can’t wait for this band to put out new music, as their live set always gets me in the mood for some new tunes.

Last but not least, August Burns Red hit the stage. I had the chance to chat with the guys beforehand, and they were very sweet. Vocalist Jake Luhrs and guitarist JB Brubaker stated they love playing Starland, and that New Jersey is one of their favorite markets to play, since it’s close to home (clearly, the fans agree, they always come out in packs to see this band). I could tell they were excited to kick off this tour in Sayreville, and the crowd was ready.

They started off the night with one of my favorites, “Martyr,” to kids crowd surfing and screaming. Playing some other favorites like “Provision,” “Spirit Breaker,” and even “Ghosts,” I was in love with their entire set. They had an undeniable energy the entire time that never quit. Playing over an hour I truly got my fill. I can’t wait until they come back, hopefully next time with some new material as well.

Overall, I think this is a great tour package that everyone should go check out if they get the chance in their city. It’s worth traveling, as every band on the bill keeps the crowd with their horns in the air. I had a great time at this show, and cheers to all of the bands for living up to my expectations. Until next time, ladies and gents, keep rocking!