Inked Out: Cosmic Primate Tattoo

My wife and I were driving through the suburbs of Pennsylvania recently near the Willow Grove area in a town called Hatboro, when we came across this small tattoo shop called Cosmic Primate Tattoo. The name is actually what caught our eyes. What the hell is a Cosmic Primate? Is it a monkey in an astronaut suit? Regardless of the name, my always supportive wife suggested we stop in and take a look for the sake of my Inked Out column. So, we stopped in.

We walked into a lime green shop adorned with framed artwork from various artists. To the right was a waiting area with a few black leather couches and a coffee table, which supported portfolio books showcasing tattoo artwork from the shop’s three artists—Ray Petty, Ryan Lebiedzinski and Chris “CeBe” Burke.

Cosmic Primate Tattoo was opened by partners Petty and Lebiedzinski back in 2012. While Lebiedzinski was busy with a client, Petty spoke to us for a few minutes to fill us in on the shop. When I asked him why I would come to this shop over others, he responded with, “That answer is simple. Our shop is a clean and friendly environment where you can feel comfortable working with our artists to create a beautiful and unique tattoo design and experience. We have talented artists who provide premium custom tattoos varying in every style.”

I have to admit that they do run a pretty immaculate shop. I almost felt like I was in a doctor’s office. Petty assured us that he and his partner ran a clean shop with single-use needles and every machine is autoclave sterilized nightly. The hardwood floors also really gave the shop a clean feel and not to mention, I probably could have eaten off these floors. When I asked about the clientele, Petty told me that they had a pretty loyal following when it came to clients. When it comes to new clients, however, they have all come by word of mouth. As for appointments, they are needed but not always necessary as walk-ins are always welcome. Petty did say that he and Ryan are normally always solidly booked.

When we talked about pricing, Petty told me, “The current shop rate is $125 per hour. We may be able to quote a price for smaller pieces depending on the size and detail of the artwork, but larger pieces that require several sessions can only be estimated.” He also said that they will only tattoo clients who are 18 and older with parental consent and a valid driver’s license.

Aside from how clean this shop and who their clientele is, I scrolled through the three artists’ portfolio books and I have to say that these guys can also back it up. Their shop is not just a pretty face, and the fact that they are buried in the suburbs of Pennsylvania might make them a hidden treasure in PA. Petty says that he and his crew are always available for free consultations when prospective clientele come in with artwork for them to customize before making an appointment.

If you’re ever in the Hatboro area, you can stop in at Cosmic Primate Tattoo located at 136 South York Road in Hatboro on Tuesdays through Saturday 12 pm till 9 pm and Sundays from 1 pm till 9 pm. For more info on the shop or a consultation, you can call (215) 675-1850 or visit

Well, I’m off to check out my next tattoo spot! Who knows what state it will be in! If you have a tattoo shop that you want to suggest, please e-mail me the name of the place and whom I should ask for at