With an inbox filled with local music, I can tell live show season is in full effect. With a full-time job and a heavy load on my plate, I don’t have as much time to get out to all of the shows like I used to, so it’s always very helpful when bands send me reminders, live videos, and new music to review. Naturally, word of mouth is still one of the most reliable marketing tools, and you will see with my featured band of the week.

I saw someone post about them; I honestly cannot even recall where, but it piqued my interest, I gave them a “like,” literally, and history has been made ever since. Have you heard of a little band called Vestibule? If you have, great; you will totally understand where my love is coming from. If you haven’t, even better; I am here to get you on board this train.

Vestibule have been around for a while now, making a name for themselves all over this lovely Tri-State Area. I believe they were featured in the Aquarian a few years back, so naturally we have some new content to talk about. So, who is the band? Well, in their own words, “We are a rock band with a background in jazz and punk.” That alone sounds good to me, but naturally, you still have to listen. They hail from my backyard of Belmar, New Jersey, playing shows all over the shore.

Vestibule released their debut record, Through_The_Surface, back in the stone ages of 2012, even getting international airplay. They have stayed consistent ever since, never losing momentum. I love following their socials seeing where they will play next, because they do a lot of free shows, keeping their fans satisfied. After tuning into them on my old stomping grounds of Jersey Rock on 95.9 the Rat, I learned they will soon be releasing a new EP that will be called A Waste Of Time, which it certainly is not I am sure.

Now, to go throwback style to their debut record, I immediately fell in love with the opening track, “Astray.” It is extremely catchy, and will really make you move. I could see myself chanting this one at the top of my lungs at one of their shows (which I may just have to do). I absolutely love the lyrics here, so whoever wrote this track, great job. “Pick up the pace and release your mind, too quickly have you fallen astray.” I feel as if there are many, many situations in life I could apply this to, not to get sappy, but it’s true. I truly appreciate musicians who are also good lyricists, and this song is one of the many that proves they do. Not to go too far back, because naturally we are excited for the new tunes, but I also highly suggest you check out some older tracks like “Lucid Dreams” and “Infinite Love.”

This article is a call out for Vestibule to send me some new jams, and touch base with an interview. I would love to learn more about them personally and professionally, as their sound is one that could transcend over time on various musical outlets. I highly recommend you check them out sooner than later.

To learn more about Vestibule, check out their Facebook page at Facebook.com/VestibuleMusic. They are posting some shows in the near future, including Memorial Day weekend which is just around the corner (and insane to think that). They also have videos, music streams, and so much more for you to dive into.

I will be back next week with another local band of your liking, so keep on sending in those submissions! See you next week.

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