Maria’s Local Radar: Brogues

It’s about that time; Wednesday, my favorite day of the week. Why, you ask? Well, the week is halfway over at work, and I get to talk about music with all of you. Isn’t that reason enough? That being said, I have SO many things on my radar; Shadow of the City Festival in Asbury Park, Thursday is returning to Starland Ballroom, and Brick + Mortar are playing a hometown show at House of Independents in Asbury Park. I think it’s safe to say this girl’s “to-do list” is getting pretty stacked.

On that note, I was recently passed along some really cool new music from a band I am just getting familiar with called Brogues. They are from the hip land of Queens, New York, and I have so much to tell you about! If you have already heard of them, even better; hop on board.

Brogues formed in the yester-years of 2012, calling themselves a “Loner’s Rock” type of band.  They are currently signed to Paper + Plastick. Right off the bat, I checked out some of their artists they are into, and it included a list of some of my own personal favorites such as The Clash, Billy Bragg, and more. Naturally, I was intrigued, and man, are they talented!

Their debut album, Heart & Song, is out now, to great reviews. In fact, an old pal named Nikki Black was the one who shared them with me! She has great taste in music, so I knew I would dig it. Now, let’s break the album down a little more.

It kicks off with a super energetic track called “Cruel World,” which if you have eyes these days, you can see it’s truly what we live in. However, this song gives me hope. This song brought a smile to my face immediately, and my inner dance moves came right out. It’s immediately followed up with another track that will get your juices flowing called “Heartbreak Club.” I think this may be my personal favorite on the record, for many reasons. I love the lyrics, I love the drumming, and how meaningful it can be to so many. I am not sure who wrote this one, but I’d love to hear the story behind it. We’ve all been a member of the “club” at some point, and this is somewhat of an anthem. Fingers in the air!

Another personal favorite on this record is “Monogamous Girl,” as they switch up their tune a little on this one. I absolutely love the riffs in the beginning, as it really makes me appreciate how musically talented each member of the band is. Shawn’s vocals are a lot rock, a lot punk, and he can hit each note like a target. The chorus also makes you get off your feet immediately. “If you can promise, that you are only mine…” Once again, the songwriting is superb.

I could sit here and break each song down one by one, but I’m only on one page. I can tell you something major, though; there are 16 songs on this record, and I can guarantee you will find one that you like. There is a little something for everyone on this record; tight musicianship, perfect vocals, incredible songwriting and lyrics, and even some fantastic gang vocals! Brogues are a band you definitely want on your radar, sooner than later.

                Heart & Song is just that; they’ve given everything they have on this record, from their hearts into the song. Perfect title if I must say so myself. If you want to catch them live, join the club! They will be performing at one of my all-time favorite venues, The Knitting Factory in Brooklyn on July 16, so hopefully I will see you there! You can also listen to their new record, watch some videos, and find out when they are playing near you over on their Facebook page at I promise you will fall head over heels for this band, as I have already done so. As they say, they had me at hello.

Until next week, my friends, keep supporting your local music scene, one week at a time!