Apoptygma Berzerk Frontman To Join VNV Nation On Stage: Stephan Groth / VNV Nation

Apoptygma Berzerk (APOP) released their first album with The End Records, Exit Popularity Contest, on Oct. 7. The new record is a compilation of their trilogy of EPs, which have only been released on vinyl. EPs Stop Feeding The BeastVideodrome, and Xenogenesis will be released in new formats and combined with a new ending bonus track to give Exit Popularity Contest a different feel from the trilogy. APOP’s frontman, Stephan Groth, has described the Norwegian act’s genre as futurepop, a sound that with the help of a few other bands, APOP has created. This is the first time that the EPs will be released in CDs and cassettes. On Oct. 29, Groth will be accompanying group VNV Nation as a guest vocalist at the PlayStation Theater in New York City.