North Jersey Notes: Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band, Concrete God, Blameshift, and more

Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band—Glens Falls, NY

I came across a very cool band out of Glens Falls, NY, of all places. Yes, it’s quite a bit north of North Jersey, but when North Jersey isn’t producing the best music possible, sometimes I have to venture outside my area to try to bring great music to North Jersey again. I found this band, Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band, while I was taking a look at some of the bands on the Bon Jovi local opener contest. These guys are really good! They have this bluesy rock sound to them that is reminiscent of The Rival Sons and Black Crowes. It’s a very cool sound and I really dug it. The song that I got to hear was called “Reap And Sow” and singer Joe Mansman sings with so much soul it’s absolutely silly!

According to their bio, Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band are a five-piece from one of the most northern parts of New York, which is heavily driven by outlaw blues, roots, and punk. What was Joe Mansman and crew destined to do when they started this band? They wanted to have a notoriously good time whenever and wherever they played while taking the whole damn place down with them. Their first EP, Too Far Gone, under the Midnight Revival moniker, is a “deliciously sinister and a vibrantly honest showpiece” of the band’s knack for writing some tasty tunes for the ears. The lyrics are boisterous at times, but the band is adaptable to merging their music with enough pop hooks to draw you in like air to the lungs and commanding your ears like twisted medicine show masters. The band is singer Joe Mansman, Chris Becker, Alex Mansman, Tory Pelosi, and Rich French.

I got to listen to some of Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band’s EP, Too Far Gone, featuring the songs “Dead As It Gets,” “Hell Or High Water,” “Live Free Or Die” and “Long Rope,” and these songs kick ass. These guys definitely don’t sound like everything or everyone out there when it comes to rock. They have this very cool blues outlaw sound that I love and I think you will love them too. You need to check these guys out and maybe bring them down here to Jersey to play with Battery Electric or The Dirty Stayouts or someone like that. For more on Joe Mansman and The Midnight Revival Band, visit



I know that I just wrote about these guys a couple of weeks ago, but the boys from Concrete God just released a brand new music video for their song “Riverline.” The song is killer and needs to be seen. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you need to keep your ears peeled for these kids. Check out the video for “Riverline” now on YouTube at For more info on Concrete God, visit

Speaking of new music videos, my buds from NYC’s Blameshift have just released a brand new music video for their song “MON$TER” off of their CD Heart Of Stone by way of VEVO. They gave fans a chance to “Like” their post to be automatically entered to win a signed #IAmAMonster guitar. For more on Blameshift and to check out their new music video for “MON$TER,” visit

And finally, for another shameless plug this week, as many know Bon Jovi is inviting local acts to open for him in every market. Well, my band Rahway is in the running with our music video for our song “Yesterday” under the April 7 show at Madison Square Garden in NYC. How cool would it be to see yours truly on stage at Madison Square Garden again? Just log onto and “Like” and “Share” our video! Help Rahway and Bon Jovi make New Jersey great again! For more on my band Rahway, visit

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