North Jersey Notes: Sucker, Killcode, Corevalay, and More

SUCKER—Scranton, PA

A couple of weeks ago, I shared the stage with a pretty cool band out of Scranton, PA. They were a three-piece who reminded me of Hole, the band fronted by Kurt Cobain’s widow, Courtney Love, back in the ’90s. Anyway, the name of the band was Sucker, and they were a lot of fun to watch live and they gave out Blow-Pops during their performance. Yes, I said Pops! What really caught my attention was the band’s rendition of Pat Benatar’s “Heartbreaker,” which was killer! Singer Candi Vee can sing! And she can play bass!

According to their bio, Sucker is a wild rock ‘n’ roll band formed by singer and bassist Candi Vee, and they hail from Scranton, Pennsylvania. The band released their second EP in the summer of 2012 and then officially released their first full-length CD in March 2013. Sucker’s current lineup alongside Candi Vee include guitarist Gene Pavlico and drummer Rob Helme. Sucker’s music is riff-tastic, energetic, and wrought with themes of rampant self-indulgence including the classic “sex, drugs and rock and roll” vibe. According to Candi Vee, “I like to make music I would want to hear on a night out. Rock and roll is a lifestyle. It’s very hedonistic and I like to reflect that in my music.” One of the highlights in the band’s short career so far is that they opened for Joan Jett and the Blackhearts back in April 2014.

Sucker is currently performing in the Tri-State Area promoting their latest CD, while they continue to work on their new EP. If you haven’t been to a Sucker show, you might want to be warned that their audience is showered with lollipops, hence their name…Sucker. Then the bravest of spectators will become a part of the show every night as a lucky lady is crowned the official “Amphetamine Queen” for the evening, a title that boasts the right to strut around in a shiny tiara for the rest of the night, and also a title of one of Sucker’s songs. I also got to hear songs like “On My Love,” “Circus,” “Friffy” and “Fast Nights.” This are legit raw rock songs. You have to check Sucker out live. For more info on Sucker, visit



My brothers from Killcode finally released their long-awaited music video for their anthemic song, “Kickin’ and Screamin’,” which was mostly filmed live while the band traveled around the world playing festivals. The rest of the footage was filmed right here in NYC. The song is catchy as hell, and this video gives you a great idea of what Killcode can bring live! If you’re in the Poughkeepsie area this Friday night (4/14), catch Killcode live at The Chance. For more info on Killcode and to check out the new video for “Kickin’ and Screamin’,” visit

My bros from Corevalay are finally releasing their long-awaited CD, Forever. The boys will be celebrating the CD’s release with a CD release party at Maxwell’s Tavern in Hoboken, NJ on April 28 with the newly reunited Among Us, New Day Dawn and Harvest Falls. This should be a pretty awesome night in Hoboken. For more on Corevalay, visit

And finally, my band Rahway got to share the stage a couple of weeks ago with a few great bands at Tenth Street Live in Kenilworth, NJ thanks to Jersey Campfire Presents. One band that stuck out for me was a band that I’ve written about in the past called Answer Infinity, featuring an old buddy of mine Mark Tiarra on guitar. First of all, Mark is a guitar wiz! Wow! Secondly, their new singer, Alisha Dixon, rocks! What a voice on her. If her name sounds familiar, it’s because you’ve seen Alisha on Season 12 of American Idol, where she was a contestant. Mark told me that after Idol, Alisha released a CD, promoted it and then moved to Jersey, where she sought after the guys of Answer Infinity. Mark called it a dream come true! These guys really rock! Catch them live at Mexicali Live in Teaneck, NJ on May 3 with Ascending From Ashes, Paulus HooK, White Void and Triple Scoop. For more on Answer Infinity, visit

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Just remember….We’re all in the same boat, so every little bit of exposure counts!


Tim Louie is the Author of S**t Happens.


NJN Concert Calendar:

4/12—The Breakout/The Break Lights/ProPain/The Jersey Panic—Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ

4/13—One Hundred Thousand/EchoLab/Red Hymns/Pralaya/Behind The Grey—Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ

4/13—This Curse/That of a Lion/Ana Sapphira/Barbarian/Prevailer/Enochian—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

4/14—Killcode/Freakswitch/Dirty Black 7—The Chance, Poughkeepsie, NY

4/15—Babes at the Brighton: Arc’d Angel/Baelfire/Palaceburn/Pravda/Vextion—The Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ

4/19—Doyle from The Misfits—Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ

4/19—Traitors/I Am/Ender/The Machinist/Refinement/Stronger Than Death—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

4/22—Killcode/L.A. Guns/Faster Pussycat—Mulcahy’s, Wantagh, NY

4/23—Faster Pussycat/Ryder/Dirty Black 7/Lunatic Fringe/Strange Eclipse—Dingbatz, Clifton, NJ

4/24—Gothic Knights/Delain/Hammerfall—Stage 48, NYC

4/28—Corevalay/Among Us/New Day Dawn/Harvest Falls—Maxwell’s Tavern, Hoboken, NJ

4/29—Militia Nation Presents: Sekond Skyn/Psychoprism/Broken Past/Incognito Theory/Dead City Crown/High Octane—The Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ

5/3—Jersey Campfire Presents: Ascending From Ashes/PAULUS HooK/White Void/Answer Infinity/Triple Scoop—Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ

5/5—SAVE THE MUSIC AT SBHS: Rahway/Inside Riptide/Hollywood Kills—Saddle Brook High School, Saddle Brook, NJ

5/5—Yngwie Malmsteen/Midnite Hellion/Ripped—Starland Ballroom, Sayreville, NJ

5/5—Skrizzly Adams/Mikell’s Plot/Stars Apart—The Saint, Asbury Park, NJ

5/6—Michale Graves/Incognito Theory—Blackthorn 51, Elmhurst, NY

5/6—Cycle of Pain/Lower The Veil/Legion/Out Of Bounds/Ideosphere/Shattered Skin—The Brighton Bar, Long Branch, NJ

5/6—Borgo Pass/BLACK DAWN/Logan’s Room/John Wilkes Booth—Revolution Bar and Music Hall, Amityville, NY

5/12—Rahway/Resurge/Panzie*/Brand of Julez/Corevalay—Mexicali Live, Teaneck, NJ