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This is something that needed to be said (RADICAL CAUCASIAN TERRORISM 8/23/17). Now more than ever. With a white supremacist in the White House surrounded by racists who see some kind of equivalency between Nazis and the Klan and those who leave the safety of their homes to cease this horrible nonsense someone needs to call it like it is. It is so easy for this president and his cronies to crawl out of their holes to vilify Muslims, but white people chanting anti-Semitic crap, threatening African-Americans with a pathetic excuse of an antiquated statue of a slave owning trader to our country is okay?? Wonderful. You call it like you see it and we all see it. Systemic racism must stop.

––Rich Keller


So what you’re saying is that Trump is essentially a mirror of what already exists in our country, which is a good thing because the only way to change what isn’t working is to expose it. What his presidency is revealing, however, is the sheer lunacy of the press. The insidious and rabid desire to destroy Trump at all costs totally undermines their credibility and is eating away at the fabric of our society. Combine that with a lack of knowledge of civics and actual history, especially among our youth, is potentially devastating. What does it say about the press when they’re turning off their cameras mid-speech? What are they afraid of? That Trump is saying something that contradicts the impression or message they’re trying to convey? What the fuck is ESPN doing removing an announcer because of his name? W.T.F.!! If we are not careful we will turn into a fascist society and will have only ourselves to blame, not Trump. I dare you to write about that.

––Elizabeth Vengen esq


Let me see, this is a president that jumps out of his socks every morning to rip new assholes to anyone breathing on Twitter, but Nazis are okay?

How can anyone with a soul defend this?

––Marie Russo


I think what may be missed in all of this is how the fuck are there Nazis and KKK marching in an American city in 2017? I am not the first one to blame Trump for every goddamn thing, but his firing up dumb white people has emboldened dangerous, dumb white people, and in the South you cannot throw a rock without hitting one of these assholes.

Donald Trump may sleep well at night, but those who voted for this monster should be tossing and turning.



I do not think you are wrong – a little crazy, but not wrong about any of this. But I do think conflating those lower-income, uneducated white people, or Donald Trump’s 35 percent base, which will be the only thing left when this disaster of a presidency is finished making a mockery of our democracy, with Nazis is wrong. Because I support Confederate statues or that I think over the past decade especially white people have been demonized and as the next generation moves into running things will continue to demonize white men, I think there is some reason for those who wish to stand up to this demonization can’t just blithely be called racist. I mean, isn’t that a form of racism? I don’t know. I just think it is being lazy and worse still irresponsible to say all people who wish to fight back against the tide of terrible things written about and accusing white men of this and that are Nazis.



Trump’s father was in the KKK. There is that.

––R. Jack


Thank you for giving us an actual history lesson on why there are even Confederate statues all over the South – NOT to celebrate southern history, but to intimidate freed blacks. Wow. Who is defending this?



Congratulations, my friend. (TWO DECADES – ONE SPACE – 8/29/17) To the guy who gave my Conservatively Speaking a shot and turned me on to Chris Uhl who became a tireless fan/defender of my conservative irreverence, I say thank you and God Bless. Although you and I may not always agree, your columns are a constant companion that make me look forward to Friday.


Bill Roberts

Conservatively Speaking


Mr. Campion,

There was a time before Reality Check? Seems ridiculous to conceive. I grew up with this column and I hope you add my comments to your very entertaining and always brave Readers Responses. What people should know about you and Reality Check is that for two decades you have offered your slant on so many big stories, but once a month you have allowed your readers a voice, and more times than not those readers vehemently disagree with you and in still other cases rip you for things that make no sense and you PRINT IT ALL.

Thank you so much for being one of the few truly honest places to read about the news. I hope this column never goes away. I cannot imagine a week without it.

––Adam Nunez



Great article, loved it. I am glad I took you to get your library card when you were very young, (and you even printed your own name on your card). Your talent was evident even then!




Congrats on 20 years!

Glad you are still above ground to provide the masses w/ entertainment…Here’s to 20 more!

––Donald Brown Jr.


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