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Mr. Campion,

  Your amazing breakdown of the first election that spoke the voice of millions of Americans appalled at Donald Trump was spot-on. (MIXED MESSAGES — ELECTION DAY 2017 — Issue: 11/15/17) And I grieve for your friend and one of the finest men I have seen in politics, Rob Astorino. As a resident of Westchester, NY, I have marveled at his comportment and his ability to communicate to all people, no matter their race, creed, color, economic status or political slant. It is a rare and wonderful talent that he has and to see him be a victim of this vicious and dumb political climate that surged into this country this past year and marred all of our reputations is sad. I wish him nothing but luck and hope that one day he finds it in his heart and soul to run again for office. It is people like Rob who make understanding what this great nation can be if it is kept out of the hands of monsters like Donald Trump.

            Kenneth Caster



  Let me just make this point about Rob Astorino; he is a champion. He should never be lumped in to what has been an abomination of this Grand Old Party, which I no longer recognize as a Republican, proud to have voted for Ronald Reagan when I was a young man and now have to endure the stupidity of Trump and this administration filled with hate mongers and illiterates and Russian sympathizers. Reagan is spinning in his grave.

  Rob is part of that proud lineage of Republicans and as I know you are an independent thinker and not affiliated with any party, your continued support of your friend and what he stood for and what he is as a man, beyond politics, beyond Westchester County concerns, as a father, as a neighbor, as a true American, was always satisfying to see. You knew him and you provided us insight into his personality and his integrity and it was always great to read your pieces on him. I say we shall continue to fight to bring honor back to the Republican party and honor is time as our County Executive.

  1. Taback




  Please print this: Election Day did not have “Mixed Messages,” as you wrote. Here is the message: Donald Trump is a fucking stupid, lying, treasonous shit-heel and we are rising up against his bigotry and phony toughness. Rich, baby, wining silver-spoon, golfing country-club, fat elitist posing as Everyman. His kind will be rejected from every election going forward. We slept walked in 2016. That time is over.

  We are awake.

  That is what Election Day 2017’s message was: We are engaged, bitch!    





  I was always so moved by your defense and admiration of your friend, Rob Astorino. It broke my heart to read your story about the final moments of Election Day when this country spat in the face of racism and intolerance and hatred spewed daily from the White House and how poor Rob, honest, humble, intelligent, would be cast aside after doing his job so well. And he really did. Even though I live outside his jurisdiction as County Executive of Westchester County, and I am NOT a Republican, he was a person I could respect and felt he could understand the opposition and didn’t attack and pander and make a grandstand. I think if there were more people in politics like Rob then Congress wouldn’t have a 14 % approval rating and the president wouldn’t have a 32% approval rating and the world wouldn’t laugh at us and we wouldn’t constantly be mired in criminal investigations and citizens would have faith in our institutions.

  Where have you gone Rob Astorino?




Good analysis, amigo.  But no mention of your “lucky” hat?  Seriously?

  Rob Astornio





  We need tax reform, no matter who is in charge. (THE TAX REFORM SHUFFLE – Issue: 12/6/17) I do not trust this congress or this president, or any congress and president when it comes to taxes for that matter. However, the tax code is a joke. The burdens to prop up this special interest, entitlement overload has got to stop. I only hope it comes to some conclusion that doesn’t only benefit corporations, but, as I say, I am dubious. We need to have some kind of reflection on what this nation has become over the past century and what we want it to become in this one.





  I am sure you are right. This is going to suck. The whole thing sucks. Everyone is always served but the little man. Trump and this congress are screwing us again. The government always screws us. Politicians screw us. Where is the change? Obama, nope. Trump, nope. Different names, same shit. Being screwed.

  Trump turns out to be the same kind of Republican – big business, less regulation, regular guy getting screwed poser. Reagan all over again.

  Send someone else I can vote for so they can screw us.





  You have become a political commentator who deserves a national audience. the writing is there, the info is there, the powers of persuasion are there.

            Vincent Czyz




  This is the ACA all over again. One party jamming something they didn’t even read down our throats to deal with for the next god knows how many years. WTF? How does this happen every time? Now you’ll see the other side begin to bitch so much they will take over and then that party will jam something through that is crap and we will have to eat it. What happened to real revolution? I know that politicians now are not the cream of our national crop – those are in technology and other industries. We get the dregs like this McConnell idiot. What the hell is that guy doing with his life? How old is this fucker? How long are these people going to just slide by in these gerrymandered districts, go to Washington for a lifetime and fuck the next generation? Seriously! I want to know, Campion. Tell me. Tell us! Make it stop! How can we make this stop! We’ll just send this bill to our kids. Kick it down the road and let them deal with it. Where will old, decrepit Mitch McConnell and old Donald Trump be, what is these guys in their 70s going to be when our kids have to eat their shit? Dead. Laughing in hell.

  Get these old farts out of here!

            The Grinder



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