Bird Concerns: “The Monster”

  LA rock quartet Bird Concerns are doing something with rock ‘n’ roll that hasn’t been done in a long time: They are making it their own. Bands are often trying to recreate songs, follow in the footsteps of the classics, and would rather put their own spin on a cover of a song than write their own. But Bird Concerns are melding jazz, grunge, indie, and new wave styles of music and wrapping it around their earnest lyrics to create a sound that the masses will grow to know as being uniquely theirs.

  The West Coast band’s newest single, “The Monster,” is an alternative rock song that immediately reminded me of The Cure’s live albums. You want to listen to it on vinyl, hear the crackles and pops, feel the imperfections, and get a grasp of the lyrics. The early ‘90s vibe is evident immediately and maintains itself throughout, forming a consistent, concise song based around metaphors and rock ‘n’ roll.

  “The Monster” is about the monster inside of someone. You know, that thing that makes you pessimistic, self-deprecating, and too weak to face your own struggles? Marcus Buser explained that, “The Monster is inspired by my own struggles with depression, anxiety and misplaced guilt. It’s a song about learning to accept yourself and in turn give acceptance to others.” Four-part harmonies interlink with crisp guitar riffs to convey the message and story being told. It’s truthful and puts the band on a great display. Travis Meador’s vocals fit the song’s subtle melancholy perfectly, and Buser, Jake Sucher, and Cooper Wolken’s talents also get a chance to truly shine through.

  Some other tracks that they’ve released into the world have been “Nobody Wants To Be My Baby” and “Oh Well.” The latter is a powerful rock anthem that furthers the possibilities for the band’s future. It’s strong, highlighting drums and bass, as well as lyrics (as usual). “Nobody Wants To Be My Baby” tiptoes into the surf rock genre, flirts with melodies and beat changes, and is alternative and downcast, yet amazingly compelling for what the band regards as garage rock.

  Bird Concerns are making music that is infectious, while also putting their own spin on what rock ‘n’ roll sounds like in the 21st century. They blend genres while they build their own fresh sound up from the ground. They are talented, creative, and authentic. They are gaining momentum out in California and that success should soon be expanding throughout the country — and the world.