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  What I would like to know is what happened to the TEA Party? (WELCOME BACK TO CORPORATE LAND – Issue: 12/20/17) Where have all the Debt Alarmists gone? What happened to the fiscally conservative and “responsible” Republican Party now that they are in charge of the spigot? Have we completely been abandoned by those who believe in balanced budgets? Say what you will about Newt Gingrich and Bill Clinton — both highly flawed individuals with megalomaniacal tendencies; but they balanced the national fucking budget. The last time this happened is now coming on 20 years. Since then it has been a free-for-all in spending and cutting with no end in sight, but yet the national debt rises and rises and now it will rise $1.6 trillion over the next decade, and what are we supposed to vote for, if we held our noses and voted for this moron who is supposed to be a negotiator and a business mogul and continues to be led into the same ditch as his predecessors while trying to sell it as “the greatest tax cut ever!” when it pales in comparison to Reagans and George W. and even Obama’s continuation of the Bush Tax cuts.

  We have been ripped off and abandoned again by a party that for eight years told us how they would do it if they got in charge and how our children are footing the bill for our avarice and here we are folks, back in it again with corporate tax cuts and the middle class handling the burden for the poor and the rich – keeping this country afloat for another generation and more.

  Making America Pay Again.

            The Grinder



  So, we’re getting a 1.5 percent tax cut and this asshole president wants to triple the military budget and overhaul our infrastructure and build a wall that he told us Mexico was paying for? Who thinks this is a good idea? Who voted for this shit? Fuck him and fuck this congress; hypocritical, scum-sucking hacks. I have had it with this entire operation. I hope they impeach Trump and throw this Paul Ryan asshole into a giant trash compactor and close the lid and find McConnell and Pelosi and Schumer and the whole lot and send them to whatever half-assed property Trump is getting paid for by the Russian government and deport the whole bunch of them.

  We are so fucked.           




  This column is a national treasure. Cable news is a joke, the main stream media continues to fart around talking about Trump’s hair or his tweets and god knows our federal civil servants are a waste of humanity. This Tax Reform is another sham like Obama Care, which you point out beautifully here, that no one read, but EVERYONE voted for! You have to wonder who is steering this ship. Let’s say Trump was impeached, how would this religious nutcase Pence fare? Any better? I highly doubt it. I think there is no party that supports what the majority wants — not that Trump won the majority, he was murdered in the real democratic vote. But I see poll after poll slamming this bill, wanting congress to go back to the drawing board and actually debate this thing and bring in some Democrats, maybe have the president actually do something but eat hamburgers in bed and tweet about TV shows.

  This is the worst government I have ever seen. Bring back Obama and end this idiocy. George W. Bush is Lincoln compared to this stupid jerk.


            Alice PP.



  Well said. (TIME FOR ATLAS TO SHRUG – Issue: 1/10/18)

            Kacey Moribito



  Finally, someone copping to the bullshit of Ayn Rand and her butt-boy, Paul Ryan. I bet Ryan never read a word of Atlas Shrugged. Fucking poser. Thanx for outing these pikers, Campion. You are a god!

            Jarred Muncin.



  Oh my God, JC…have you finally lost your shit??? We are in the midst of the greatest expansion of our economy since Ronald Reagan and all you can do is try to talk down one of the main engines of this growth…the restructuring of American federal tax policy. Even the Uber Lib, Never Trumper NY Times had to admit the Republican tax plan would benefit the vast majority of citizens regardless of tax bracket. Only in Cloud Cuckooland can we see people cheering the guy who raised your health insurance premiums while simultaneously booing the guy lowering your taxes.

  That is some fucked up shit.

  Business understands that when money leaves the hand of government for the citizens in the private sector, those folks buy shit and these companies don’t have to play crony capitalist games to get their hands on that money…they just have to compete for it like in the old days. It is so funny how people are now yearning for crony capitalism because when you take money from the public, keep it with the government and make corporations buy from the only people with money (the government) it is there crony capitalism lives and you appear to be arguing that folks seem to be fine with those bad old days.

  I have about had it with liberal propaganda. We Republicans want you the public to keep your money, we think you can spend it better than the government can, we do not want government picking winners and losers in our economy and we want every single American to rise up and achieve their greatest potential. That is what we believe and that is what we work for.

Be ready, dude. This economy hasn’t even hit full stride yet. How are you going to talk it down then? Will you do the tried and true “the rich and trickle down doesn’t work”? Will you try the 1990’s fave “These aren’t real jobs being created”? I mean there are so many liberal propaganda lies you can use. Maybe being the creative scribe you are, maybe you can create a new piece of propaganda. In either case, you better get busy talking down this economy or the 2018 Midterms will be a bloodbath for oppositional Democrats and the only Democrat you may see in DC will be on display in the Smithsonian.


            Bill Roberts

            Conservatively Speaking



  Check out the stock market, bitch! We are riding the high of The Trumpster! Give it up! Come on! We need MORE Russians! If I can get my money back, I would happily welcome Vladimir Putin and the Kremlin to hang out with the Prez. Tax Cuts!

  Deport children! Fuck yeah! We want our jobs back and we want the persecution of white men and religion to cease! Trump is making it happen! Accept it, motherfucker! The South will rise again!

  Viva Le Trump!




  Can anyone see that Trump is an insane underbelly of our worst spiritual nature? Anyone?

            Ms. LL America



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