Spotlights – DAANI and Reno Divorce

DAANI to Soon Break the Music Charts

  Nashville-based artist DAANI is a musical force to be reckoned with. The soulful singer with strong, powerful lyrics and electric beats studied as a jazz vocalist in NYC and is now making her mark on the music scene. With her stunning voice, pop undertones, and modern R&B sounds, DAANI is being compared to fantastic artists such as SIA and Lapsley. Did I mention that she has worked with Miley Cyrus and Sheryl Crow as a background vocalist prior to her growing solo career? The electric soul singer just released a new single entitled “Two Hands” and it’s a sharp indie track with hints of dream pop and modern EDM styles. You can listen to her new song on Spotify or Soundcloud.

Photo courtesy of the band

Talented, Unique: Reno Divorce

  Authentic is not even a strong enough word to describe Reno Divorce. This unique punk rock band is out of Denver, Colo. and they are ready to bring their style and their craft to the world. The band has been performing all over the US and Europe for the last 16 years, from playing shows for tips at sketchy local bars to touring with Bad Religion and The Queers. The punk band dances around original rockabilly sounds, but maintains their powerhouse attitude — even when they strip down their set to just an acoustic guitar. They have five albums under their belt, one better than the next, and you can buy them on iTunes or Amazon.