aBIRD: “A Cool Island Song” (Mint 400 Records)

  Adam Bird, formerly of Those Mockingbirds, is back as an indie, alternative solo artist going by the alias aBIRD. Within the last year, the singer/songwriter has released three singles; the third of which just dropped last month alongside an eccentric, peculiar music video. To summarize the video, the shots flip-flop between crackling vintage videos of a couple’s marriage and life, melancholy scenes of Bird himself, and snippets of the woods.

  The track behind the video, “A Cool Island Song,” is an interesting take on romance, or lack thereof, that perfectly fits within the alternative music scene. Bird’s crisp voice complements the lyrics that appear to be straight from the heart and his voice sounds lovely. However, for a song that’s main hook is, “Anywhere you go/You’ll always take a little part of me,” you would think (and hope!) that you would be able to feel the whole meaning of those lyrics through the enthusiasm in the singer’s voice. Unfortunately, the melancholy overshadows it at times.

  There seems to be fire underneath Bird as he continues to make his solo debut. aBird is on the right track, but it might take some time to fully develop who he is now (post Those Mockingbirds) and where he wants to go from there. Emotional, honest lyrics can definitely be found in “A Cool Island Song” — all they need is a little passion to ignite them fully.