Makin Waves Record of the Week: Just 6 Hours’ “Sober”

Jersey Shore-based alt-rock band Just 6 Hours will celebrate the release of their sophomore EP, “Sober,” on April 14 at the Brighton Bar, Long Branch.


  Jersey Shore-based Just 6 Hours’ forthcoming sophomore EP, Sober, finds the young band maturing with an angst-filled, metal-rooted, punk-fueled sound that will please fans of both Tool and Black Sabbath. Among the standout tracks is “One Way Doors,” which features such an emotional vocal delivery by singer-rhythm guitarist, Seth Barnett, it almost seems as if he is mistakenly trapped in hell and can’t get out. A blend of metal and blues guitar by Nick Marrotta adds to the intensity and integrity of the track.

  Just 6 Hours are among a handful of great young Jersey bands determined to keep rock ‘n’ roll alive and kickin’. The artistic act demonstrates strong roots in metal, punk and classic rock, while keeping to their own sound, such as on the surf-tinged punk of “Pity Me,” which runs a gamut of emotions with strong vocals, guitar playing, and rhythms by drummer Anthony Giordano and bassist Gordon Sine.

  The bluesy guitar and another dynamic vocal also place “Dan” in the top half of the collection, while the closing “Number Man” is a demented delight of Sabbath thickness. Check it out live when Just 6 Hours celebrate the release of Sober on April 14 at the Brighton Bar in Long Branch with Sonic Blume, Gettysburg Address and Dress Code.

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