Spotlights – Night Club & Out of Bounds

The Everybody Still Hates You Tour
  Brace yourselves, the powerful electronic horror duo Night Club are taking their LA swagger on tour with Combichrist and Wednesday 13. The three acts are to put on a concert that is unforgettable. It’s punk, it’s EDM, it’s heavy metal, it’s synth-pop, and it’s industrial… all together in that one, unforgettable show at The Stanhope House on June 6. Night Club are also promoting their upcoming album Scary World, which is due out on Aug. 23, so new songs are in order for the show, as well. For tickets, go to


Out of Bounds in Jersey City
  The best and most creative dancers, dance companies, and choreographers of New York City and New Jersey are coming together to put on Out of Bounds, the highly anticipated Modern Dance Showcase that pushes boundaries as a new kind of dance recital. Performances will be high energy, high caliber, and filled with engagement. Dancers will be on and off the stage, bringing their movement to life in each corner of White Eagle Hall. On June 2, the audience can be immersed in the action by having seats on the floor or they can watch from the balcony for a fantastic birds eye view. For more information, go to