Spotlights – Lettuce, Phoenix, & More!

Five Nights of Lettuce in NYC
by Debra Kate Schafer

  If you were looking for a contemporary jazz fusion band that integrates hip hop beats and jazz rhythms to create funk songs with psychedelic vibes, Lettuce is the band for you. The band has been pushing the envelope of funk music and the jazz fusion for over two decades, creating a larger music scene for themselves, their fans, and their always experimental genre. When it comes to the eccentric, exciting live shows they do, Billboard put it best: “Could things get more weird/awesome?” The band has a five night residency at the Blue Note Jazz Club coming up, with two — and sometimes three! — performances per night. For more information, head to


Credit – Shervin Lainez

Celebrate Jessie Kilguss’ New Album
by Debra Kate Schafer

  After four self-released albums, Brooklyn based singer/songwriter Jessie Kilguss is on the verge of expanding her independent fanbase into a more global one. Her new record, The Fastness, dropped earlier this month and it’s a force to be reckoned with. Between her voice, her lyrics, and the outstanding musicians and producers she worked with, it is surely a record to be celebrated. Her voice has a clarity to it that is unparalleled and the words she sings with it are honest and reflective. You can hear this magical piece of music live at Rockwood Musical Hall on June 28 at Kilguss’ album release party. For tickets, go to


Credit – Emma Le Doyen

Phoenix Sells Out Brooklyn Steel
by Ryan Romaine

  Indie pop band Phoenix has already sold out the entirety of their highly anticipated Brooklyn residency, which will take place at Brooklyn Steel on July 5, 6, 7, 9 and 10. The French quartet won their first Grammy in 2009 for their album, Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix, and they found themselves on the forefront of the alternative music scene yet again with the 2017 release of Ti Amo. Lyrically impressive from start to finish, Phoenix draws you in with a smooth, soft pop sound that will leave you wanting to listen to the album on repeat. For more information about their ongoing tour, visit


Credit – Guzman

Debra Devi Hits The Tri-State
by Ryan Romaine

  For those longing for a genuine rock experience, singer/songwriter Debra Devi will be performing at Orange’s Hat City on June 30. Devi draws inspiration from a variety of musical genres, resulting in a unique sound that blends Americana with classic rock. Known just as much for her ridiculous guitar playing as she is for her powerful voice, Devi thrives in her versatility as both an artist and a musician. Check out her recently released EP, Wild Little Girl, ahead of her tour through the Tri-State Area.