Spotlights – Flemington DIY, Oh Wonder, & Rob Jennings

Rockers of All Ages Welcomed in NJ

  Mark your calendars because on July 21 you should be packing your bag and heading to Flemington, New Jersey for an all ages (!) DIY concert lineup that you can’t miss. Six DIY bands who hail from the Northeast are bringing garage rock, artsy punk, and uniquely lo-fi pop to the masses at this show: Russian Tsarlag, Suicide Magnets, Ultrabunny, Human Adult Band, Decoration, and Wasp. This eclectic lineup is sure to crush their performances later this month and make fans out of each and every audience member. For more information on these sick new rock bands, head to


Credit – Josh Shiner

Central Park to Host Oh Wonder

  They’re relevant, aware, talented, and flourishing. The British duo Oh Wonder formed only three years ago on accident, but accidents happen — and often for a reason. The unlikely pair have built a strong fanbase, stemming from their unique, personal, alternative pop sound that has made them a diamond in the rough in today’s music scene. This is paying off, as their debut album has almost 500 million streams, their sophomore album is thriving on and off of the US and UK charts, and now the pair are touring the world. With a sense of purpose and an understanding of the world, Oh Wonder are clearly heading straight for the top. They’ll be at Summerstage in Central Park on July 9 — for free! It’s general admission and all ages, too. For more details, go to


Courtesy of Rob Jennings

Rob Jennings On the Rise

  New Jersey’s very own Rob Jennings released a new song during the latter end of June; a Beach Boys Meets The Who rock song with melody and lyrics that make the song a catchy, personal tune that all are sure to love. “Keep Me in Mind” includes background guitar riffs emulate those of an early 2000s pop rock group and the vocals are mid-tempo, simple, and easy; something that isn’t often found anymore. Rob Jennings is performing on July 5 at Maxfields in Boonton, NJ, so you, too, can catch a rising Jersey performer play his new single and more. For tickets, check out