Spotlights – Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson, Knox Hamilton, & More!

Twins of Evil Bring Their Show to NJ

  Rob Zombie and Marilyn Manson’s co-headlining tour is coming to New Jersey and is ready to blow the non-existent roof off the place. The massive, outdoor arena, PNC Bank Arts Center, has hosted thousands of shows of all genres, but rock shows are always the ones that bring in the loudest and proudest crowds. Rob Zombie is a legendary heavy metal star and Marilyn Manson is one of the most iconic industrial metal performers of all time. The duo’s friendship and tour is a rocker’s dream come true. Both of their set lists are out of this world and cover decades of the most intense music the world will ever know. For more information on the Twins of Evil tour, head to


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New Releases from Knox Hamilton

  I can guarantee that this dazzling indie band is exactly what you need to be listening to right now. The Arkansas-based trio crafts alternative music with personal stories that makes every listener fall in love. They are embarking on a tour this month to promote their new EP, Beach Boy, just released on July 13. The two lead singles from last year’s debut album topped the alternative charts and I can sense the same from Beach Boy. The Beach Boy Tour hits the Mercury Lounge in NYC on July 20 and comes to New Jersey on July 21 at Asbury Lanes. For tickets, go to



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Say Hello to Nahko and Medicine for the People

  Coming to the Stone Pony Summerstage is a band with more passion in them than any band ever before. Their work off the stage is just as important as their work on the stage, which for them means activism; working toward a single, powerful worldwide message, as well as working for global organizations. Their dedication to finding deeper meaning in music and the music industry is shaping the lives of music listeners all over the world. Not to mention that their stunning music touches upon many genres and styles: from acoustic rock to up-tempo alternative, all with a tribal roots and a common goal in mind. To see their New Jersey performance on July 20, go to


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Peter Harper to Stun in NYC

  An amazing voice is not the only thing that Peter Harper has to offer. He writes his own, stunning songs, plays the hell out of a four-string tenor guitar, and blends genres of music to formulate some of the best and most unique songs of modern day. Primarily an American folk performer, Harper takes influence from soul music of the ‘50s and ‘60s, as well as the songwriters of the ‘60s and ‘70s that shaped the music we listen to today. His time to shine and showcase his raw talent is now, playing intimate shows around the country playing music that is more real than anything on the radio. You, too, can see his true talent at Rockwood Music Hall on July 20. For more information on him and his tour, visit